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Firewall ByPass Company

Fast Terminal Services Type Bypass of Corporate firewalls
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As soon as firewalls start using technologies to be cheap on bandwidth, like keeping music and video files off, as well as ebay and epitonic, you have to get out of the company or find another solution. Because I work in IT i bypass out through terminal services to a server I keep away. But there is a terrible lacking for the people who know nothing about computers except that they have a firewall problem. Something that is simple and easy to bypass this would becomevery popular.
Floppo, Oct 05 2003


       Oh no. Bypassing firewalls is bad... Very bad.
Shz, Oct 05 2003

       This kind of thing happens all the time. People set up little proxy servers to do this or that, or change IP port numbers into something that isn't blocked. It works because each of these is too small for an IT department to notice. As soon as this is done on a commercial scale the firewall will just be set up to block all the bypass companies by IP and domain name, since they have now become big enough to notice.
st3f, Oct 05 2003


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