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Butt Harness

You Know, for Kids!
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If you've ever been on a swing, or you have a kid acquaintance (sibling, neighbor, friend) who has, you know that the only thing the swingee wants is to go 'higher! higher!'

Unfortunately, this presents problems for the swinger: in order to gain more altitude, one must apply a considerable amount of force to the swingee; further, the traditional method of pushing stops working at about the eye level of the swinger. Then you must resort to jumping up and grabbing the back pockets of the swingee, and pulling down hard for a higher swing. This has a number of ill effects, including torn pockets, slipping pants/shorts for the swingee, ripped fingernails of the swinger, or missing altogether (which can result in falling on face).

My solution is the Butt Harness, a high-quality rubber wearable device roughly the shape of a diaper, which buckles on to the swingee. Where the back pockets are, two big bike-type handles--connected to the harness at each end--provide positive grip first time, every time. Now, you jump, you catch, you conquer the swing.

As an added bonus, it's very good for picking up stubborn children by when it's time to go. Comes in several bright colors.

galukalock, Jan 31 2004


       Don't bucket-style swings fill this niche?
motive power, Jan 31 2004

       Actually, no. This has big bike handles on the back. I've seen a lot of swings in my life, but not one with handles.   

       By the way, do you think there's a better category for this?
galukalock, Jan 31 2004

       How about Sport: Projectile? Or, maybe Sport: Throwing? I think it might fit best in Public: Transportation: Catapult.   

       By the way, I am still available for babysitting.
Klaatu, Jan 31 2004

       I'm quite skilled at shifting my weight exactly as you describe, but it's simply not possible to go quite as high as one would like to. If I can't, then my (by far less strong) siblings couldn't; the very very young ones this is intended for couldn't either.   

       (Thank you for moving this to a much better category. I can't believe I missed it.)
galukalock, Feb 02 2004


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