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Clothes Drying Swing

Fun and Practical
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Garden swings are fun, but could also be of practical assistance.

The frame of the clothes drying swing has a t-bar frame, with a large cylindrical upright standing 2m tall and a 3 metre long cross bar.

The upright is racheted so that it rotates in one direction only.

The normal chained swing is hung from one end of the t-bar cross member and your clothes are neatly pegged along the other side of this bar.

As the user swings forward, the swing starts to rotate about the cylindrical upright - the rachet is in place to ensure that the backswing doesn't create a reverse rotation.

The harder the swinger, the dryer the clothes. There, bet you weren't expecting that signoff.

jonthegeologist, Mar 24 2004

Due credit to [skinflaps] who got me thinking... http://www.halfbake...ing_20pivot_20swing
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Ha ! this would be great for aerial visibility of semaphore.
skinflaps, Mar 24 2004

       Wouldn't the effort of having to turn the dryer take a lot of the pleasure out of the effortless gliding of the swing?
kropotkin, Mar 24 2004

       just keep the upright well oiled and you'll sail round with minumum of effort. Peg your clothes properly and you may even be wind assisted.
jonthegeologist, Mar 24 2004


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