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Buzz Beater

Alarm Clock that wakes people up effectively from the brain
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An alarm clock that generates a set of random numbers when the alarm triggers, and the alarm will disarm when the users are able to correctly input the generated numbers into the device. However, the alarm will stop even if the users did not correctly input the random numbers after five minutes, but only if users have interacted with the device. So it will wake up the users from the brain. It also reflects and suggest upon the users’ sleep hours & habits and the time span that took them to correctly input the random generated numbers. Hopefully it will improve the users memory management better in long term.
getbacker, Dec 09 2002

This looks very familiar... http://www.halfbake.../idea/Smart_20alarm
[dalek, Oct 04 2004]


       this is another of [ravenswoods] unstable personality detectors, isn't it?
po, Dec 09 2002

       See link: someone tried something like this before.
dalek, Dec 09 2002


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