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Candle alarm clock

gentle wakening
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This alarm clock has several flexible styluses which can be put on the tips of the wicks of candles. When the time to awaken comes around the styluses (stylii?) heat up to ignition temperature one at a time in conjunction with a very slowly raised volume of a beautiful classical piece. After a certain amount of time without response from the user other less delicate alarms can be sounded.
Voice, Jan 11 2011


       do you still play vinyl?   

       there is something wrong with my ipod alarm cube thingy - only ever plays Dido and its driving me nuts!
po, Jan 11 2011

       I'm currently using a light timer for my alarm. I'm sure if you made the ignition system it'd be an easy switch-over.
thejehosephat, Jan 15 2011

       I like the idea but wonder if it wouldn't be a bit too adaptable to making IED's.   

       We like the idea and wonder if it wouldn't be nicely adaptable to triggering IED's.
8th of 7, Jan 16 2011

       Or..... we flip that statement around! Could we use IED triggering devices as a candle alarm instead?
thejehosephat, Jan 16 2011


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