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CCTV Help Call Sign

Universal signal for help
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I hate all the CCTV cameras but if we have to have them then at least we should be able to get some assistance from the operators. If you get into trouble swimming then everybody knows that you wave your arm furiously. Flying your plane or piloting your boat you know it's mayday. Skiers know to put ski's in a cross behind their dear nearly departed. But as yet nobody seems to have suggested a universal call sign to get help from a CCTV operator. Okay, so my personal preference is for a visual display of my disgust at being watched 24/7 however, in the interests of it actually being of some use, perhaps it could be arms crossed over your head.
The_Saint, Mar 09 2011

something like this!! [+] http://cheerleading...77_5904d3e910_m.jpg
[xandram, Mar 10 2011]

or this? http://newsblogs.ch...0a66fec5c970c-800wi
[xandram, Mar 10 2011]


       How about bending over, dropping your pants and giving 'em a nice fruitbowl?
doctorremulac3, Mar 09 2011

       In the UK, the main function of CCTV appears to be to generate hours of faintly amusing TV. There have been a few high profile cases in which CCTV has proved useless. A few years ago, armed police chased down, shot and killed a man who they suspected of some form of terrorism. This happened in central London, ending in an underground train, with CCTV cameras littering the route. After the event, it emerged that most or all of the CCTV was switched off. More recently, a vehicle carrying a murder victim was known to have crossed a bridge where CCTV cameras are sited. Cameras specifically positioned to observe vehicles crossing the bridge, but strangely unable to provide sufficient clarity to read a number plate.   

       If it weren't for other numerous examples of utterly incompetent purchasing by our authorities, one might suspect that the cameras were not there for the benefit or protection of the population.   

       CCTV as it is rarely provides any help after the event. What chance is there for someone depending on help at the time?
Twizz, Mar 10 2011

       I've seen dances that could be described as calls for help. Perhaps it should incorporate some distastefully disturbing dance moves.
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2011


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