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Gesture for "I wonder what that sound is but it isn't bothering me"

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You're in the library, working on your laptop or reading a book. You hear a strange sound from a nearby table. You look over, but the person making the noise stops, thinking they're distracting you.

So what we need is a gesture to say "I don't mind the noise; I'm just curious what it is." The gesture needs to be something you can do as you're looking over, so that the person making the noise doesn't stop, and you can see what it is.

Perhaps pointing at your ear while looking quizzical?

notexactly, Dec 02 2015


       [marked-for-deletion] the problem with with idea is there is a basic understanding of bodily symbols that already exist. A friendly face and a shrug means that you are not offended. Putting your finger to your head already is attached to implying something about the head, so I would assume you don't have a basic understnding of communication. The process of changing the symbol would require taking away the intuitive understanding of the symbol which would involve pointing and the head, but whther it is towards the ear or the entire head would not be outstandingly clear. So probably just uising already understood symbols would likely be better than making a new one.   

       So it seems your problem is that you have difficulty communicating and inventing gesutires. Quizzical and pointing to head would be interpreted as are you crazy. Offfering a welcoming gesture would facilitate exchange of further communication.
guncandy, Dec 02 2015

       I don't understand your reason for m-f-d.   

       I also don't understand why you think this would be impossible to work. If I saw someone raising their eyebrows while pulling the top of their ear forward, I'd think they were wondering about a sound.
notexactly, Dec 04 2015

       That's not the idea you posted, and you're not inventing the intuitive understanding of symbols.
guncandy, Dec 04 2015

       Wasn't it [21Q] who posted an idea long ago about a hand signal to be used at stoplights when somebody noticed you looking at them ? I can't find it.
normzone, Dec 04 2015

       What's not the idea I posted? The actual idea was the concept of a gesture to convey this meaning. I have given two (similar) specific examples of gestures that might be used for this purpose.   

       I never claimed to have invented the use of symbols to convey meaning, only the idea of having a specific symbol (or combination of symbols) to convey this specific meaning.
notexactly, Dec 04 2015

       You know, I don't think I've had a need for such a gesture even once since I posted this.
notexactly, Mar 20 2020


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