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CDRW omelette

A delicious and convenient snack
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Scramble one egg with some cheese and other omelette type ingredients into fry pan and just before it is cooked pour the ingredients into a cd jewel case and press down hard. Allow to cool and serve. Omelette will be in the shape of a cd, and inside the case it is ideal to slip into your briefcase to take to work for lunch.
benfrost, Oct 09 2004

Laserfurterator http://www.halfbake...dea/Laserfurterator
It's legendary by now, anyway [vigilante, Oct 09 2004]


       Could you use some program like Nero to burn designs onto the omlette (assuming you did attempt to insert it into a computer)? It'd be kind of like [half]'s Laserfurterator idea.
vigilante, Oct 09 2004


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