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Cereal Serial Novel

Print something on the box back that I actually want to read.
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I'm so sick of reading "...Proven to lower choleserol..." or "...Now with more crispy, crunchy bites..." on the back of cereal boxes over and over again while eating my breakfast cereal. What I really want is some quality literature to start off my day. Cereal boxes should come with a single chapter of a popular novel printed on tear off sheets and glued to the back. Multiply the average number of pages per bowl by the number of bowls worth contained in the box to get the neccesary number of pages. Then each week a new chapter could be released. As a further advantage, cereal companies could employ devious marketing techniques, e.g. putting fewer pages than neccesary, encouraging people to gorge themselves on cereal to get to the next box with the next chapter.
riromero, Nov 13 2003

Related, but IMO better idea http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/thriller
But this is good too + [jivetalkinrobot, Oct 04 2004]


       I'm sure this has been done; I've definitely seen serial cartoons on cereals.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       I can imagine a high degree of customer loyalty as a result of this product ... [+] very nice, [rirmero]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 13 2003

       I always believed the cereal industry to be the most stable, and this would only reinforce my statment.   

       Good idea too, cereal boxes are normally boring.   

       +, and I'm sorry that I only have one to give.
FobosDrakontas, Nov 13 2003

       Someone who gave away the ending would be known as a cereal killer.
phundug, Nov 13 2003

       I think it would be fun to have pages of the "Life Story and Exciting Adventures of" the cereal box mascots. Because, honestly, who knows anything about Snap, Crackle, or Pop?
tchaikovsky, Feb 05 2004

       Thats kind of stupid. You would get fat trying to finish a book, eating nothing but cereal all day long. Why not read a REAL book while eating cereal. Novel idea, no? (put it behind the bowl so you dont drip on it) What we need is something to hold books open without blocking the words, so our hands are free
mssnshine, Feb 26 2004

       This idea was previously halfbaked during the "invention exchange" segment of an episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" first aired August 15, 1992. (The one where they spoofed the film "Indestructible Man" starring Lon Chaney).
krelnik, Apr 22 2004

       i have a feeling this could result in frustrated readers/ cereal buyers looking for a section that they missed due to holiday or slow stock movement in the store they buy from.
engineer1, Apr 22 2004

       Why not have one page printed on the back of each box in a variety pack.
This way you could still have the variety you need in cereal, plus a whole (short) book could be put in one pack (of 10 mini boxes).
The main problem is that you'd need to eat your cereal in a specific order.
MikeOliver, Apr 22 2004

       Why note put the ceral box back in the cupboard, and read a book or magazine with your breakfast. This has the added benefit of preventing you going to second helpings quite as easily
rennard, Apr 22 2004

       [mssnshine] & [rennard] - I agree with everything you've said but I feel you may be overlooking a benefit of the idea. Reading a book of your own choosing at breakfast is great; I know I struggle to string coherent thought together in the morning. However this idea could get you into a new genre or author you'd never have thought of reading.   

       I only hope the serial industry has a decent taste in literature.   

       Croissant for you [ riromero ] , I could recite the ingredients of Wheatabix.
afrocelt, Apr 22 2004

       Why not have a cereal you bought once a month that did indeed have a magazine as the back cover? Or a weekly? I guess it would be more "Mother Earth News" if it were granola, more "Atlantic Monthly" if it were corn flakes, and more "Mad" if it were uh, Lucky Charms? Cocoa Puffs? I think I'm off on a tangent. Glue a magazine to the back of a cereal box and you'll see what I am trying to describe. Not one page on the back of the box, but the back of the box as the backside of a "regular" magazine. Maybe the pages could be held in place by a cardboard flap on the back of the box for shelf storage... It is a match made in demographic heaven, kinda.
cloudface, Apr 22 2004

       Whatever happened to the croissants that [FobosDrankontas], [Letsbuildafort] and [afrocelt] gave you? You seem to be on zero.   

       Oh, well: I love this idea and you're definitely getting a croissant from me. Nice one.
bookends, May 08 2006

       Maybe an audio cd printed or glued on the back of the box ?
popbottle, Jul 28 2015

       This would be surreal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2015


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