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CD With a Single Hair

CD with a single hair
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CD with a single hair sprouting from its upper surface, that you have to carefully shave off before its first playing.
xenzag, Dec 18 2007

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       Could I not pluck it off? It would take longer to grow back.
mylodon, Dec 18 2007

       It might leave a stump.
xenzag, Dec 18 2007

       I'm Not Really Sure
I'm not really sure

       I'm not really sure I understand the joke, apart from the risk of defacing the CD, but then again the upper surface has no data on it so there isn't any risk anyway.
theleopard, Dec 18 2007

       CDs of folk music would, of course, have a magnificent, flowing beard.
hippo, Dec 18 2007

       //I'm not really sure I understand the joke// It's deadly serious!! - ensures that every cd is a "virgin" prior to its owner playing it - helps with second hand market, by encouraging collectable items...
i.e. For Sale "Never played copy of -- -- (ginger hair (curly, six inches long) still intact)"
xenzag, Dec 18 2007

       i.e. For Sale "Never played copy of Isaac Hayes - "Hold On I'm Comin" (nice 'n' shiny)
skinflaps, Dec 18 2007

       You mean "hold on I'm combing" (unapologetic groan)
xenzag, Dec 18 2007

       This idea is the reason I have to hide the bakery. This right here is why I can't leave this site up and walk away from my computer. This is seriously a discussion about embedding a hair into a CD to perserve its virginity. How did we get here? What happened, what event took place in which an idea such as this actually considered (even sarcastically)?   

       heh, ok. // (ginger hair (curly, six inches long) still intact)" // Does that mean a red hair from a pale freckled person?
evilpenguin, Dec 19 2007

       Being a "single" hair somehow does not seem fitting for an album. ;)
JeanLuc159, Apr 02 2012

       Ha - new meat for the grinder! Welcome [JeanLuc159]... now show us the colour of your brain cells :-)
xenzag, Apr 02 2012

       creepy: the concept not the newb. Well not the newb yet anyways. A full "head" of hair on the other hand...
FlyingToaster, Apr 02 2012

       Why do you have to shave it off? What happens if you try to play the hairy CD?
pocmloc, Apr 02 2012

       You get Bon Iver.
tatterdemalion, Apr 02 2012

       //What happens if you try to play the hairy CD?// The £7.50 cd destroys your £750 hi/fi cd player.
xenzag, Apr 02 2012

       This would suit the sort of person who buys books uncut, like the Earl of Loam.
mouseposture, Apr 03 2012


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