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binaural beats for mp3 players

binaural beat feature on mp3 players
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Here's a feature for (portable) mp3 players:

Add a "binaural beat" feature (see open source SBAGen etc. for examples), and a preset library.

The idea is that one's little mp3 player would be a great place to add a binaural beats feature. It could operate separately, or perhaps mix with other played mp3s, or the player's radio.

For example, SBagen can be made to compile in a few hundred kilobytes, and the presets are tiny little text files. So this would be a practical (and trendy, and maybe controversial) feature to add to the mp3 player chips.

wod_observer, Aug 12 2008

SBAgen http://uazu.net/sbagen/
open source binaural beats [wod_observer, Aug 12 2008]

healing beats http://www.healingbeats.com/
DIY binaural beat site - SBAgen presets [wod_observer, Aug 12 2008]

wiki http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Binaural_beats
binaural beats (background) [wod_observer, Aug 12 2008]

brainwave mp3player http://www.i4u.com/article3805.html
existing product example1 [wod_observer, Nov 14 2008]

mp3 player brainwaves http://www.gizmowat...-management-device/
existing product example2 [wod_observer, Nov 14 2008]


       So it just needs to be programmed for an MP3 playing smart phone?   

       Cool. Get on it.   

Giblet, Aug 13 2008

       I'm downloading a pile of MP3 beat files, and listening to the first one as I type--excuse me if my brain stops working.   

       I'd say just download MP3s, and the hell with a feature, except that the files appear to be an hour long. So a dedicated little widget might be nice.   

       I'd say you need to take a two-pronged approach (binaural, if you will). Distribute MP3s to get people informed and addicted, and start to make and sell a battery-powered generator for lots of money. Then license the whole mess to the MP3-player manufacturers for more money.   

       Is this droning supposed to be making me happy?
baconbrain, Aug 13 2008

       You could get this running on the ipod fairly easily. Its processor is a ARM9 so you'd just have to install different firmware, modify sbagen to use ipod's audio hardware and recompile it. I know this can be done because people have gotten DOOM to run on the video ipod, and others have compiled sbagen for an ARM9 device (the GP2X. I have one and sbagen works great on it.)   

       The only effect I've noticed from binaural beats is sleepiness (which is a desirable effect sometimes). It may have affected my dreams but if it did I don't remember.
Spacecoyote, Nov 14 2008

       It could be good to add mp3 player salsa to the chips. Just sayin.
JeanLuc159, Apr 02 2012


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