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CMTV - Ceiling Mounted Television

Television mounted in ceiling enables viewing of TV programmes whilst lying on ones back
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The ceiling television provides another level of viewing pleasure as you can watch it whilst lying on your back in bed. The television would likely need to be of the flat-screen variety, made using LCD technology or something similar. The Ceiling Television has many applications, such as being able to watch television whilst having sex (for those on the bottom). Chaps need never again miss a football match due to sexual urges!
ccaamgw, Jul 17 2000


       Couldn't you just use an LCD/DMD projector and put an image on the ceiling? I'd be really afraid to sleep underneath a 200 lb metal and glass plasma tube contraption like those yahoos in the Phillips commercial...
koz, Aug 30 2000

       You're probably sleeping under a "wood and plaster contraption" that weighs more than that (the ceiling)...   

       (Offtopic: Occasionally I actually think about all that stuff over my head while I'm inside, and I get a little creeped out. We do a pretty good job of not thinking about it, most of the time.)
egnor, Aug 31 2000

       Yeah, remember the elderly couple that were killed in the Northridge earthquake. Apparently their extensive collection of porcelain figurines fell on them...
rmutt, Sep 01 2000

       Back in my single days in a flat I used to sleep next to 1800 books on wall shelves, until a small earthquake got me worrying. Now I'm in a big house I don't anymore. Now they are...woops, right next to me as I type...!   

       Sorry I was off topic (how unusual) but on topic I would always worry that if the TV was on while we were, you know, um, occupied with bedroom gymnastics, that I might get "could you move your head a little, I can't see properly".
Alcin, Sep 02 2000

       And having someone shout 'SCORE!' could be a little disconcerting...
StarChaser, Sep 02 2000

       (Offtopic:) You can (and should, if you live in an earthquake-prone area) get little straps to hook your shelves to the wall, so they don't fall on people during a quake. Sometimes you get the straps for free when you buy shelves...   

       Instead, of course, the books come tumbling off the shelves, but that's a little less dangerous.
egnor, Sep 02 2000

       Funny you should mention that egnor, but I have sold a few of those Earthquake Straps to clients that wanted to be safer. Total in use in my house? Zero. Not that I don't think they are any good or worthwhile, it's just I never get around to it.   

       And on StarChasers theme, "...oh, yes, Oh, Yes, OOOOOHHHHH YESSSSSS! They Did It! Oh, sorry dear, not you, you just carry on."
Alcin, Sep 09 2000

       Baked. My dentist (actually a endodontist in Seattle) has ceiling-mounted TVs (flush mounted into the ceiling surface) above each patient chair and headphones for the patient. He has thoughtful touches like this throughout his office as well as an amazing staff. Smart guy.
bristolz, Oct 01 2000


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