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TV Bible

Allows you to be at church and watch the game
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Since it would be sacrilege to gut a Bible to make room for a Watchman TV, A premanufactured 'bible' which has been hollowed out for TV would be the best thing for sports fans to be in good standing with their church and family and still see the big game. A bit of reserve and back row seating are highly recommended.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2000


       What about a TV with a PnP Bible?
jsilver, Aug 14 2000

       Oh my...
Godalmighty, Sep 05 2000

       Okay, why don't you tape the game on a VCR or something along those lines, BETA 8 maybe? Or even Super 6.   

       [No Comment]
[ sctld ], Jan 18 2001, last modified Jan 19 2001

       Now what would be great is a football with a TV in it that only shows church shows.
Amishman35, Feb 13 2001

       [sctld] or even better, tape the sermon, forget to label it, leave it for three months then record something else over it.
rambling_sid, Dec 30 2004


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