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CNS acupuncture

Meridians are hard to find
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Acupuncture traditionally works by redirecting energy through channels networked around the body and is said to aid all sorts of illnesses and dis-eases. Yeah, maybe.

What would definitely work is acupuncture on the spinal cord and brain. Chronic pain? Find the afferent nerve in the spinal cord and pin it! Worry a lot? Put a pin through the nerve dealing with anxiety!

This may sound like magic, but guided by a very very high resolution PET scan or some other activity sensing scan, we should be able to pinpoint the offending neurons.

GutPunchLullabies, Jul 22 2004

Spinal Cord Stimulator http://en.wikipedia...nal_cord_stimulator
Does it work? Who cares, it makes the medical industry lots o money. [DIYMatt, May 03 2014]


       .......thinking of all the nailgun-nail-through-the-skull survivors out there.....
normzone, Jul 22 2004

       Why not at least try. Plus, I like GutPunches comments on other posts. Here's a (+) and a bump up.
macncheesy, Aug 04 2004

       Woah...checking on the author of the "Humor Filtration" idea, I found that I'd had a Halfbakery account for exactly " Two...days" when I annoed on this idea.
normzone, May 03 2014

       If you sent electrical shocks through the pins, then you have a baked good.
DIYMatt, May 03 2014

       you'll need an awful lot of very small pins for many conditions.
Voice, May 03 2014


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