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Diabetes web device

cheap thingy sits on insulin pen to report info, remind you and find it
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cheap tiny two button appliance catches on the insulin pen and:

1. Lets you input how much you just shot yourself with

2. Connects to your old style simple glucometer and sends your latest reading.

3. Will show you estimated calories you need following reading and insulin. (increase insulin for more calories)

4. Will correct itself with time to your personal likes.

5. Will beep when you need to find it.

6. For an extra small fee, it comes with a nice compact pack for holding your stuff together.

It's a low energy "cellular device". (I wrote about that idea a few years ago, and still didn't see it happen)

pashute, May 07 2017


       Sounds fairly simple to Bake.
8th of 7, May 07 2017

       C'mon Ian. I meant by calling its number of course, or by finding it on your cell's list of BT devices.   

       And as time goes by it will detect the changes in your habits and give the results accordingly. That is definitely not hard to do, there are heuristics for doing it manually, with quite simple math and adjusted parameters. (How much insulin do you take daily, how much long term insulin do you take before sleep and what glucose levels do you wake up with)
pashute, May 10 2017

       " funny how number five and number four seem like about the same amount of work, when said like that — Ian Tindale, May 07 2017 "   

       " ... number three for two, and number four for one. "   

       Sleaford Mods, " BHS "
normzone, May 10 2017


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