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CPU Smelly Stuff

Oil/Perfume stuff that you put on your hot CPU heatsink
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People have little smelly things that give off a nice smell when heated. When not put the same stuff onto your heatsink for a fresh smell from your computer. The fan should be pumping the air out fast enough. I'm sure soe sort of smell stuff holder can be made and added tot he heatsink.

This has the added benefit that just like sweat as the smelly stuff evaporates it takes additional heat with it.

Condensation wouldn't be a problem as most pc case fans change all the air every 30 seconds or so anyway. (mine every 4 or 5 seconds... I have an athalon... :-)

CasaLoco, Oct 13 2001


       Why not just use sweat? For that authentic "jock" smell.
jabbers, Oct 13 2001

       UnaBubba, I think selling Crunchi-Undies is already baked. Not sure about burning them, though.
pottedstu, Oct 13 2001

       Call it the CPU HeatStink(tm). It is technologically sound, simple, inexpensive, and probably quite marketable in this day of perfumed-everything. But don't you dare make it standard equipment! My nose is already assaulted by too many (clashing) aromatic products.
BigBrother, Oct 15 2001

       <laughs at 'Heatstink'>   

       No reason this can't be baked as is. Just drip some essential oil on the heatsink, and viola! <Or cello, if you wish> A heatstink.
StarChaser, Oct 15 2001


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