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Cool Computer

Top of the line model: Athlon MP and Pentium 4
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It would be really cool if there was a way to use an AMD Athlon MP 1900+ CPU with an Intel Pentium 4 Xeon CPU in a Dual CPU configuration. I suppose it would take building some kind of adapter chip to allow communication between the different types of CPU's, and a new Motherboard chipset (North and South Bridge chips) to handle the load. We are really close to having the Technology, We have DDR 2700 chipsets for both P4's and Athlons, and GeForce3 works with both. the only problem i see is the cost of hiring an electrical engineer......If only SIS or VIA were interested....
omega_scientist, Jan 17 2002


       Zzzzzzzzzz. Get an ego. Good idea btw.....
BartJan, Jan 18 2002

       No! It would be a misbegotten creature, against all the laws of man and nature!
dare99, Jan 18 2002

phoenix, Jan 18 2002

       You could put sheets of ice in the floppy drive you know.
thumbwax, Jan 18 2002

       but why? what massive advantage would it be to have a dual CPU configuration? would any minor benefit be anywhere near worth the cost?   

       From the title I was expecting some ideas about computers using some new type of water-based fiber transistors that wouldn't heat up.
nhyatt, Jan 18 2002

       Is there a particular advantage to having Athlon instead of Pentium?
thumbwax, Jan 20 2002

       Yes. The technical explination as follows: Intel=Suck and AMD=Good
NeverDie, Jan 21 2002

       Rods Tiger, I was not aware of that fact, and after checking, my t-bird apperars to have come with thermal protection (not that I'm complaining). In any event, the scene you describe would be very amusing to watch (though I'm not too sure I would pay $200+ to see it...)
NeverDie, Jan 21 2002

       How often does a heatsink fall off, though? I've -never- had it happen.   

       The movies are indeed amusing...Almost 700F when the first AMD goes up...Whee!
StarChaser, Jan 21 2002

       Amusing video, yet I can't help but suspect a rigging. In the video, there is a significant diference in how far away the thermometer sensor is in the Intel tests and the AMD tests, and the hardware on the boards is undoubtedly different (why would anyone remove a heatsink in the middle of an application anyhow?).   

       So, answering my own question I dareingly (or stupidly) decided to remove my heat sink/cooling fan, and when I did, the computer did what it did with the P4 in the video (it slowed but didn't stop). Mayhap this is due to the fact that I have better hardware than those PC's in the video, and mayhap I'm just lucky.   

       In any event I have indeed had a P3 in the past, and when I added a slave drive it went <poof> before the computer finished booting.
NeverDie, Jan 25 2002

       What the heck...for what? No.
waxingpoetic, Dec 04 2002

       This is possible. one word. Beowulf/OpenMosix/Mosix. Maybe 3 words...
xbmodder, Sep 12 2005


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