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Caffeinated Liquor

Poor Man’s Speedball
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Sure, there’s Irish coffee, but you have to *make* it. Maybe Kahlua even has some residual go-juice in it.

This is 80-proof liquor with a bracing jolt of caffeine in every shot-sized serving, the idea being to keep the tippler on his feet. The same volume of booze can now be consumed that formerly would have left the reveler in a state of profound dishevelment, but with the present improvement a certain alertness and energy level is maintained, perhaps allowing the poor sot to make it home rather than passing out in the gutter.


snarfyguy, Feb 07 2003

Mixing caffeine & alcohol not recommended http://www.purdueex...2/opinions/Lee.html
"It is clear that mixing caffeine and alcohol keeps drunk people conscious for a longer period of time, but mixing it with alcohol can lead to dehydration as well as possible heart and kidney problems." [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

HyperGlow Caffeinated Beer http://www.thinkgee...ooflirpa/beer.shtml
So it's beer. But it is also a "stimulating depressant ." I brew my own beer and have brewed coffee beers. Some breweries also make their own. [1kester, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

proof http://www.carlton....proving_whiskey.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Red Square http://www.dooyoo.c...ded/_review/385518/
Blended vodka drink with caffeine, ginseng and taurine . [pottedstu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Kona Coffee Stout http://konabrewingco.com/tap.html
[mystic2311, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Having experienced firsthand the terrifying midnight shakysweats that come as a result of vodka + Red Bull and second-hand the frighteningly aggressive "antics" of those on the caffeine-impregnated Buckfast Tonic Wine, I have to just say no to any more combinations of alcohol and caffeine.
my face your, Feb 07 2003

       Likewise "Hot Shots" (strong black coffee + Galliano liqueur) or Vodka + cheap caffene-laden cola; or some chocolate/brandy confections (Mmmmmmm....); all very nice at the time, but with horrendous physiological and social consequences.....
8th of 7, Feb 07 2003

       Keep in mind that for every person who doesn't like this idea, there is some other number of people who do like it. That may be a negative number, but still I predict a strong customer base for this line of products.   

       Whew! Good thing I'm not in marketing...
snarfyguy, Feb 07 2003

       Hyperglow purports to be the jolt of beer, with an amazing old ale-like alcohol content (link). I suggest we keep our stimulants separated.   

       12% alcohol translates into something like 7 proof, so it's a tad weaker than your proposed product. Surely you can drink ten times as much?
1kester, Feb 07 2003

       Actually, 12% alcohol by volume would be 24 Proof.
jurist, Feb 07 2003

       Red Bull and Vodka is a very popular drink where I am, becuase it gets you ****** up faster than anything on the planet short of absynth. Except it screws with your system so much that your body has no idea how to react.   

       I think your idea is "combine uppers and downers so you're right on," but the effect is more "uppers and downers so you have no idea what's going on"
Dissolving, Feb 08 2003

       Caffeine will not lower blood alcohol levels, nor make a person any less incapacitated. It will merely keep the drunken fool awake longer... is that what you really want?
X2Entendre, Feb 08 2003

<Homer>mmmmm, Duff Beer and chocolate donuts, mmm</Homer>
1kester, where did you come up with 12% = 7 proof? That would put many a hard liquor into the nonexistent +100%+ realm.
thumbwax, Feb 08 2003

       I never said it was a "good" idea. That's hardly the point...
snarfyguy, Feb 08 2003

       I did that once. Everclear and espresso. You can't even get it near your face, the fumes are so bad.
wayne606, Feb 28 2003

       One reason long island iced teas are a favorite drink of mine is because of the caffeine. I for one am not trying to stay awake longer in order to drink more alcohol, but then I guess I am a responsible drinker.
jvonr, Mar 19 2003

       There used to be this drink around where i live (melbourne Australia) there were two versions. The first was called Metz Ice this one was cirtus schnapps with a little caffine and the second was Mets Storm whch was the same except it contained alot more caffine and alot of guranna(sp). they were quite cool but no one bought them so thye were taken off the market. (these came out before the whole RedBull+vodka thing). But I loved them, I remeber one night after sitting on the couch and downing 2 I got up to grab some ice cream and I was on a high from the caffine/guanna so i decided to run to the kitchen during which after 2 steps i fell flat on my face because the alcohol hit me. FUN++
INsecurity, Jun 05 2003

       I suggest the "altered-consciousness bigots" let the rest of us enjoy our dark vices. As Zorba the Greek once said, death is merely the absense of trouble, or "To live life is to undo your belt and LOOK for trouble!" So if my hands are trembling nervously during my drunken stagger, well, then, that's *my* problem. Personally, I think marketing a "Drunk Bull" product is brilliant and would avoid the problem of amateur mixing ratios.   

       <thumbwax>, Yes, an example of the "nonexistent realm" is Bacardi 151 (i.e., 151 proof). Yes, "proof" is different than "percentage". The story goes: that you would "prove" that alcohol was at least 50% (100 proof) by igniting it... when the ethanol concentration is above about 50%, it will support combustion. Likewise, if a chocolate donut is more than 50% sugar, it is considered 100 proof because it will support combustion. OK, that last part was untrue.
musicator, Aug 19 2003

       12% = 7 proof...so that means 151 rum is about 250% alcohol...wow...no wonder it gets you so fucked up...
mystic2311, Dec 03 2003

       I'm intrigued by this "12% = 7 proof" thing, too. Sure, it's not condemnable for someone to get the concept reversed, but wouldn't that have translated to 6 proof? Ahh well.   

       If I still consumed alcohol these days, I would really like this idea. Just make sure you stay near a restroom while drinking it. (And don't forget to drink copious amounts of water before passing out for the night.) There is some serious diuretic power to be unleashed with those two drugs combined.   

DarkEnergy, Dec 28 2003

       I think carbonated alcohol would be a better idea.
croissantz, Aug 21 2004

       I tried this once with Tia Maria and very strong coffee. I was very ill. Don't try that.
harderthanjesus, Aug 21 2004

       Clearly you have never worked in a bar. "PINK" brand vodka is exactly this - caffeinated vodka. I worked in a bar that promoted this alcohol one summer, and let me tell you the only thing worse than a bar full of drunks is a bar full of wired drunks who think they're sober.   

       For the sanity of bartenders, bar backs, and waitresses everywhere, please do not create another caffeinated alcoholic beverage.
Diatonic, Jul 21 2009

       -1. Proof is 1/2% alcohol, EX: 80 proof = 40% alcohol. 151 proof = 75 1/2% alcohol. 190 proof = 95%.   

       I have caffeinated drinks all the time - diet coke & bourbon.
Zimmy, Jul 21 2009

       Sue the Drew Carrey show, alternatively, let them sue you. either way it is a win-win...
4whom, Jul 21 2009

       //I think carbonated alcohol would be a better idea.// Mssrs. Lanson & Co. make an excellent alcopop along these lines.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2009

       //for every person who doesn't like this idea, there is some other number of people who do like it. That may be a negative number, but still//   

       No. It would not be a negative number. It could be less than one, would be less than one on the HB, more than one at fraternities and high-schools, but never could it be a negative number.   

       //Whew! Good thing I'm not in marketing...//   

       ... Or any profession where people's livelihoods depend on your mathematic prowess.   

       Why has it taken 5 years for this to be noticed?
MikeD, Jul 22 2009

       // Proof is 1/2% alcohol, EX: 80 proof = 40% alcohol// only in the U.S. Elsewhere proof:alcohol percent = 4:7, which makes 100 proof closer to the concentration required for gunpowder to ignite when wet with the spirit (57.15%, not 50%).
spidermother, Jul 22 2009

       //Red Bull and Vodka is a very popular drink where I am, becuase it gets you ****** up faster than anything on the planet short of absynth//   

       There used to be a pub in Leicester that served a drink called a Bull Rush, which was Red Bull, vodka AND absinthe. Although they may as well have called it Idiot Juice.
theleopard, Jul 22 2009

       (screaming) I'm so drunk. so drunk. so drunk. so drunk. crashing. crashing. Hit Me NOW.
Sparkyplugclean, Sep 15 2009


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