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Caffeinated Orange Juice

The Ultimate Breakfast Drink
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My friend actually came up with this idea. Take some "Water Joe" a caffeinated bottled water you can get at your local grocery and use it to reconstitute frozen orange juice. A bit more costly, but not if done on a large scale. Result, caffeinated orange juice--the Ultimate Breakfast drink!! Tastes just like regular orange juice but with caffeine kick and none of the funk that goes with coffee. I suppose you could be unclever and call it Go-J or something like that.
rotato, Aug 27 2001

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       I think that this would be a great drink but I'm not sure it would be the 'ultimate breakfast drink'. At least half of what I drink coffee for in the morning is the internal warming effect and hot o.j. is not nice. Still Go-J would be good for the other end of the day - working late into the night drinking that would be much better than using coke.
gravelpit, Aug 27 2001

       <burn candle at both ends>^=^</burn candle at both ends>
thumbwax, Aug 27 2001

       rotato, congratulations on having survived the firestorm that proceeded from the hijacking of your first idea. It takes some nerve to come back and post another after that. Btw, I don't think "Go-J" is unclever at all.
beauxeault, Aug 27 2001

       Man I could do with a week's supply right now...
-alx, Aug 27 2001

       It looks like this was tried and failed a couple of times under brand names "Edge2OJ", "Outlandish Orange", and "Juiced" in the wake of the caffeinated water fad.   

       From a now-expired article in the Sun, Dec 27 1997 Cincinatti Inquirer:   

Lee Strader was juiced up in January about the notion of combining caffeine and orange juice into a new drink.

       ''At the time, caffeinated waters seemed to be catching on,'' recalled Mr. Strader, president of Diehard Beverages in Hailey, Idaho. ''I thought, 'If that's working, what better than to have the two No. 1 morning consumption items together?' ''   

       Apparently, consumers had a hard time swallowing the concept.   

       Diehard Beverages yanked Juiced OJ + Caffeine after selling 7,000 cases in a few months. Today, the drink debuts on AcuPoll Precision Research's annual list of the worst new products.
jutta, Aug 27 2001

       Can it be sold in a container shaped like a White Ford Bronco? And what about OJ as spokesman?
Tain, Aug 27 2001

       So, what, pray tell, is the "funk that goes with coffee?"
bristolz, Aug 28 2001

       George Clintion and Parliament Funkadellic: that's the "funk" that goes with coffee. . . at least with me it is ;)
Tain, Aug 28 2001

       kiki-not sure where seltzer came into the picture. I'm not looking for bubbles! Water Joe isn't carbonated. Carbonated != caffeinated   

       jutta- I figured this had to have occurred somewhere, particularly after that caffeinated water blitz. I'll still buy it if it shows up in my life, though!   

       bristolz-funk of coffee?? Why bad breath and teeth stains of course! (and the heavy bootsy bassline in your mind while you drink it!)   

       beauxeault-any idea that swings way good or way bad is great halfbakery fodder for me. I'm just glad my last submission got any votes! I think I heard once that even the most irritating hated commercials still work and sell products. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though, it was my first sub.
rotato, Aug 28 2001

       To me, coffee tastes like bad breath as well, and too much Coke can be bad for you.   

       OJ with a lot of stay-awake punch would be great with a croissant!
jabbers, Sep 03 2001

       You people are crazy, get a life.
getalife, Feb 07 2002

       Hurray, yet another n00b luser whose first post is 'get a life'.   

       We have one, chimp-chump; consider the sadness of someone whose only contribution to a discussion is 'get a life', then go tell your mommy she wants you; I'm sure she's forgotten.
StarChaser, Feb 08 2002

       and to go to the trouble of signing on an account to say it.
dare99, Feb 12 2002

       In Canada, their Mountain Dew can't have caffeine in it, so they look at the Americans in puzzlement when they talk about all-nighters on the stuff.   

       Take it a step further: caffeinated apple juice, caffeinated grape juice, caffeinated cranberry juice, etc., etc. And add some of those neon FD&C colors to make it appealing to 11 year old boys. I like calling it G-Juice (Guice?).
gordonator, Mar 10 2004

       No caffeine in Canadian Mountain Dew? No wonder they're so laid back. But then why would anyone drink the foul stuff?
Mungo, Mar 10 2004

       My college roommate and I had the same idea, for the same reasons. Ours is going to be called "Orange Zzzip!"
driveblind, Dec 06 2005


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