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Water Laced with Caffeine

A drink to keep you buzzing all day!
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Firstly, the Caffeine would be declared and in small legal amounts.

I suggest a drink to be marketed at business men/women in city centers like London and New York.

The drink would basicly be an existing product, namely those bottles of water which are faintly flavoured with apricot or orange; with a small amount of caffeine added. The idea behind it is that busy city workers need a small caffeine boost to get them through the day.

As these workers need to commute to the city center somehow, most advertising would be in trains and buses, as would a lot of sales. Other shops would be in newsagents in the city center.

Now tired city workers can get that kick at lunch time to last them until the end of the day!

Germanicus, Mar 16 2005

caffeinated water google search http://www.google.c...nated+water&spell=1
please search the internet before posting [calum, Mar 16 2005]

Lethal Dose http://www.healthsc...cy/68/665/main.html
Is about 10 grams, but this is equivallent to about 90 cups of coffee. It may not kill you, but certainly not something I'd like to try. [Worldgineer, Mar 16 2005]


       When I moved labs, I inherited several interesting items left behind by the previous occupant. Aside from a canister of uranium oxide and six vials of lyophilized Russell's viper venom, there was a 500g tub of BDH caffeine. I have not yet tried it, but does anyone know the maximum fairly-safe dose of pure caffeine, by ingestion? (And no, I don't know what he used any of those three items for.)
Basepair, Mar 16 2005

       Wow - that's a big dose. I would have been chicken and worked upwards starting at milligrams (thereby wasting a lot of time). So, a few hundred mg is a strong espresso...will have to try this out.
Basepair, Mar 16 2005

       Careful not to mix up your containers. And hope that the previous tennant did the same.
Worldgineer, Mar 16 2005

       [Basepair] your previous occupant was perhaps doing blocking tests - seeing if various peptides isolated from the viper venom could block muscle contractions. One of the common tests is to see if the (Potassium channel) blocking is still effective in the presence of caffeine stimulation.   

       This would have been the cover for their real mission - the formulation of a dirty bomb.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 17 2005

       Baked... at my Uni 'final fling' leaver's ball they had a drink called 'Mojo' which was just caffienated water.   

       Due to an extremely adpet (ahem) facilities exec, there was no regular water available. (the whole party was held in several huge marquees in the garden of a grand old house somewhere) The ball provided lots of free/cheap wine and a bar till 4am. I think there was an ambulance rank next to the taxi rank...   

       so... it does exist, but needs bigger warning labels!
Jim'll Break It, Mar 17 2005

       Already baked at least once - it was called "Water Joe".
I had a friend who would use the caffeinated water to brew her espresso and then use the espresso to help her wash down handfuls of caffeine pills. She was exciting to know, but blurry around the edges.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 17 2005

       Consul - Ah! That would seem like a rational explanation for the caffeine and venom, but what about the uranium oxide? (Well, lots of explanations for that I guess, including inheritance from even earlier occupant).
Basepair, Mar 17 2005


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