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Call In Sickness!

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The doorbell rang again, finally jarring Bert from his nap on the couch. They were late on delivery, as usual, but still, they came on the right day. As Bert opened the door, a rather stocky man with a runny nose sneezed in his face. "That'll be twenty quid."

Bert cocked an eyebrow. "This is America."

"Oh. Excuse me. I'll take the local equivalent then." As Bert handed the odd little man $35.06 US, he resolved to shell out the extra five dollars next time and have them deliver the cold with a spray bottle. At least now he doesn't have to lie to his mother when he says he can't go antiquing tomorrow.

Whistling, Bert went to find something to wipe his face on.

notmarkflynn, Mar 05 2006


       Silly Bert; he clould have just ran around a playground and licked his hands.
jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006

       Bert would have ended up in jail and disgraced his family.
notmarkflynn, Mar 05 2006

       I'd have gone way over budget for their Kathleen Turner look-alike to deliver the offending little germs via osculatory interaction.
Canuck, Mar 05 2006

       As an add-on service, for that "need about two to three weeks off" send round the guys from the shin kicking dep't.
skinflaps, Mar 06 2006

       [IT] Sorry, I'm in bed with a duck.
spidermother, Mar 06 2006

       But what does the Call-In-Sickness guy do when he wants a day off?
BunsenHoneydew, May 29 2006

       [jelly]: I'm not sure you could have possibly said that in a better way.
epicproblem, May 29 2006


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