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Ear canal netting.

Ear canal retrieval of things
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just the other day, i was being examined and fitted for a new hearing aid. when it was taken out by the audiologist, she said, loud enough for even me to hear, "oops!" "OMG!"

she'd unintentionally left part of the device in my ear canal,forcing me to immediately go to an ENT to have the piece removed.

If i could have had even a modicum of visibility into the dark hole, i'd have dug around myself and probably not had to worry about a hearing aid for that ear again.

back to the need, a disposable and insertable fine "net" that could be put into the ear canal so that if something like this were to ever happen again, or if i'd been stuffing beans in my ears, i could just pull out the "net" and what was inappropriately inserted could be removed. All this without the need of paying for the ENT's next family vacation, and without having to forego my morning scratching with a Qtip in the ear.

This could be like a tiny,tiny pantyhose leg, inserted to the bottom of the ear canal with a Qtip inside it, then trimmed to length at the ear opening. frayed threads could be comingled with extaneous ear hair, virtually undetectable.

doctorbill, Jan 11 2011


       There are so many unpleasant mental images here, it's really hard to know where to begin.   

       I said "THERE ARE SO MANY...."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 11 2011

       "WHUT ?"   

       "Ten past four"
8th of 7, Jan 11 2011

       "Is this Wembley?"
baconbrain, Jan 12 2011

       when I worked at ENT the best fun we had ever was with a man with a moth in his ear! the noise apparently was awfuk.
po, Jan 12 2011

       "No, it's Thursday!"
hippo, Jan 12 2011

       I like [+]. How about putting such a thing on an otoscope? Maybe made from transparent plastic?
nineteenthly, Jan 12 2011

       //If i could have had even a modicum of visibility into the dark hole, i'd have dug around myself and probably not had to worry about a hearing aid for that ear again.//   

rcarty, Jan 12 2011

       Could you not just have got someone to blow hard in the other ear?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2011

       Glassblowing and balloon-animal making, we presume.
8th of 7, Jan 12 2011

       I think the concept of this could also apply to the nose. If a fly were to buzz up my nose, a similar net might keep it from continuing to the back of the throat. I suppose if the mesh were small enough, it might even stop pollen allergies. i guess a cigarette filter might do the same though, and if it were flesh colored would also be undetectable.
doctorbill, Jan 12 2011

       "So am I! Let's go have a drink."
baconbrain, Jan 12 2011

       //so am I!// what?
po, Jan 12 2011

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2011

       <Basil Fawlty>   

       "Sixteen percent if you turn that thing on ...   

       </Basil Fawlty>
8th of 7, Jan 12 2011

       //If a fly were to buzz up my nose//   

       Better than a ferret, anyway.   

       I heard a fly buzz up my nose;
the silence 'twixt my sneezes
lay heavy, like the pungent air
when I've been tasting cheeses.

       (With apologies to the late Belle of Amherst.)
mouseposture, Jan 13 2011


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