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Caller ID Answering Machine

Identifies Those Who Leave Messages on Your Answering Machine
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I personally hate those who leave blank messages on my answering machine. How about a Caller ID for your answering machine so if people don't leave their numbers or don't leave a message at all? This way you'd have their name and number whether they left it or not.


NOFX, May 16 2000

TomBomb http://www.halfbake...t=jutta_27s_20ideas
Scroll to bottom of page. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       ..er.. hello? Most caller id boxes (or at least MINE) will display a history of calls, including calls that were not answered. That means that even those anoying blank calls would be identified. <rant>However, this still does not apply to those people who have chosen to leave their id as annonymous. In my area, if you are an annonymous caller, you have to type in your recognition code for a call to go through EVERY TIME. One of my good friends was annonymous, and he could never call. I eventually returned the box and cancelled the service.</rant>
dontthink, May 16 2000

       Oh really? I'm on a losing streak here. My friend had caller ID and it didn't do that. Sorry I've never had it myself.
NOFX, May 16 2000

       I don't really think you're missing anything.
dontthink, May 16 2000

       while we're at it, an answering machine that can play back slowly. inevitably, people say their phone number so fast that i can't hear it. "hi... this is liz... my number is w0o8eohjf..."
urbanmatador, May 18 2000

       Better yet, have it decipher the number for you. Actually, if it could do that, it could probable decipher the whole message and e-mail it to you as plaintext. And I for one like dealing with e-mail much more than with my answering machine or my voice-mail.
cosma, May 18 2000

       There are services that do the opposite, for whatever it's worth. They convert your messages to voice so you can check your e-mail over the phone from any location.
dontthink, May 20 2000

       Orange UK mobile telephone network has this on their voice controlled answer phone service 'Wildfire' - For each message recorded, the system records the tel. number of the caller, even if the caller doesn't leave a message. By saying 'what's it say' the message is replayed and by saying 'describe it' the system tells you the time of the call and the number of the caller. A pretty cool system if you ask me.
scientific, Jun 14 2000

       Um... it exists - just use your caller ID anyway...
mano, Jun 27 2000

       I think that sounds like a good idea, I'd sure like to catch those people who leave blanks. My caller ID doesn't ALWAYS prove who it was.
malibu, Jul 04 2000

       I think it would be cool if the answering machine could customize the message for who is calling, since it knows the name of who it is, it could have text to speech programing and then incorperate the name into the message, like "hello bill, leave a message" or something.
turboflier, Jul 04 2000

       A friend of mine has an answering machine that sorts messages into "mailboxes" based upon caller ID and can be set to play different outgoing greetings for each mailbox. Took awhile to get used to the answering machine calling me by name, though, and it makes me feel like a nobody if I call from anywhere else.
supercat, Jul 07 2000

       I agree with the idea an d it would prevent most trouble makers to make trouble to thers
shey, Aug 12 2000

       Check out Bang-Olufsen.com. BeoTalk 1200. When the telephone rings the name of the caller is given by the loudspeaker without anybody having to touch the telephone! Next years model? Probably programmable to tell certain callers to take a hike.
Alcin, Aug 12 2000

       TomBomb: see link. Note the Halfbakery itself was opened for business August 10, 1999, though all too few of us were there at the time.
DrCurry, May 27 2003

       My favorite answerphone message: "Sorry, I'm on the other line. I'll put you on hold while I get rid of him..." <beep>   

       Then, two minutes later... "{END RECORDING}" <beep>   

       It's amazing how many people fall for it more than once.
FloridaManatee, May 30 2003


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