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friendly answering machine

Answering machine that gives reassuring feedback
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I hate talking to answering machines and usually hang up when I get one. I think it's because they're so hard to talk to - they just don't give you any help. There should be a machine that listens for pauses whilst it records and gives reassuring 'mmheh' type noises of the kind that real people give to show they're listening and that you're making sense.
riverouse, Dec 07 2002


       I used to have a greeting that sounded, like, well ... a greeting
Yell-o - Hey! What's goin' on? - (Beep)
thumbwax, Dec 07 2002

       My stepson's voicemail message used to be:-
"Hello, Mike here.

       Yeah, hi.   



       Sorry, can't talk now, leave a message."   

       Me, I don't have an answering machine. If I did, I'd like a version of this idea that detected mumbling and hesitancy and then said in a barely-restrained tone "Put the phone down, think about what you want to say , call again, then say it".
egbert, Dec 08 2002


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