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Dissolves Road Rage
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A public service vehicle whose aim is to prevent road rage. This could be achieved by the playing of soothing music (ice-cream anyone?), custard-pie flinging and backwards messages in your rear view mirror like, "Chill, man"

Driven by pensioners at 40 MPH constantly regardless of the flow of traffic, even the finger could be issued with a cheery smile and a "Have a nice day, and please CALM DOWN"

The vehicle would, of course, be fitted with a klaxon which would sound "Edelweiss" during emergencies.


Skybird, Jun 13 2001


       Something tells me that this would only exacerbate road rage...
-alx, Jun 13 2001

       Perhaps disseminating THC from ports in your car's back bumper would work. A klaxon playing "Edelweiss" would probably draw gunfire in some neighborhoods.
Dog Ed, Jun 13 2001

       Hey Dog Ed, Cheech and Chong much?
globaltourniquet, Jun 13 2001

       Naw, globaltourniquet, too old and too lazy to try to score anything more legally risky than a 24 oz can of beer. You?
Dog Ed, Jun 13 2001

       do try another field mp9 - widen your horizons
po, Nov 03 2001

       I like the custard pie thing. I'd laugh if I saw that happen.
nixter, Feb 04 2003

       Croissant just for working "Edelweiss" into an idea.
krelnik, Feb 04 2003


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