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Candy Crush Epitaph

Epitaph for the next generation
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Candy Crush is ending up to be the limited system into which the most people put the most choices. Is there any way I can get a record of those choices which, all together, will, in the future, be the best way to sum up my life?

Well now you can. New from Messiah Co, its Candy Crush Epitaph. Working with King, CC Epitaph takes all of your Candy Crush data and plays a fast motion video of all of your games, chronologically, optimized for fast motion visual analysis, over and over, on a solar-powered, gravestone- embeddable, smart phone screen.

Now your progeny can see what you were all about, every time they come to visit your gravestone.

JesusHChrist, Mar 22 2015


       Can I have that except for with Space Invaders? People need to know how many of those aliens I kept from getting to ground!
bungston, Mar 23 2015

       Two thoughts:
first, graveyards round these parts tend to be built on the edges of towns, on hillsides, the lines of headstones facing not up towards the crest of the hill but down and into the housing estates. This would allow a particularly neat graveyard to operate each wild black night as a single distributed display of bungston’s greatest Space Invader games, broadcast, one sprite per stone, in blinkenlights to the backs of the houses; and
second, there is something very sad about JesusHChrist’s original formulation, with the lasting memorial of the dead being a recapitulation of idle and almost definitely solitary time, a parade of moments that can be said to have happened only in the loosest sense of the term and yet which, absent the game player, continue to exist in the same way that they existed for everyone other than the game player. Take away the deceased from this subset of their life and you are left with exactly what you had when they were present: shapes on a screen.
calum, Mar 23 2015

       This is how fads for ideas based on a single specific thing start on the Halfbakery (pirates, clocks, orreries, etc.). Pretty soon someone will post an idea titled "Candy Crush Norse Saga" and then we'll have a depressing week or two of nothing but derivative "Candy Crush <fill in the blank>" ideas...
hippo, Mar 23 2015

       - or "Tetris Graveyard"...
hippo, Mar 23 2015

       ... blocks of polished rose granite, dropped from cherrypickers teetering over the yews, thudding into sodden ground ...
calum, Mar 23 2015

popbottle, Mar 23 2015

       I like this idea except I want mine to show each & every tiresome dragon I've slaughtered in Skyrim, please. +
DrBob, Mar 23 2015

       Careful with that fad. Didn't the company behind the game sue everyone who used the word 'candy' for a while?
notexactly, Mar 25 2015


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