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Web portal for people who have been buried alive with an internet connection in their coffin
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If you're going to have an internet connection in your coffin, there should really be somewhere for you to go. This idea stems from the "Be buried with your mobile" and "Internet Connection for Coffins" ideas.

"You could provide a full range of e-services to meet everyone's coffin occupancy needs. There could be a "who's waiting to be dug up right now?" section, suggestions for exercises which can be done in confined spaces. Stuff like that."
Skinny Rob

"..and you could hook up a webcam (and light) in the coffin for suspected vampires and werewolves, and slasher movie killers, to make sure they're still dead."

"Rather than a full-blown Internet connection, coffins could just be installed with small, cheap webcams. Then digmeup.com would be a site where hundreds of thousands of webcam images could be viewed. Obviously 99.9999% of these would show corpses, but there might be the occasional picture of someone looking rather panicky. It would be "compulsive browsing" too - you wouldn't want to stop looking through the images for fear that the next one might be someone relying on you to notice that they're alive. The whole thing would of course pay for itself with banner ads."
Jim, Aug 10 2000

Be buried with your mobile http://www.halfbake...ith_20your_20mobile
Idea that this idea stemmed from [Jim, Aug 10 2000]

Internet connection for coffins http://www.halfbake...ion_20for_20coffins
Idea that this idea stemmed from [Jim, Aug 10 2000]

virtual cemetery flowers http://www.halfbake...0cemetery_20flowers
Integrate with that one? [jutta, Aug 10 2000]

Virtual Necropolis http://www.halfbake...irtual_20Necropolis
[Dolophine, Aug 10 2000]


       Very popular with the Goths I imagine, kind of a slow motion screensaver.
Scott_D, Aug 10 2000

       jutta: I love the virtual flowers idea, it's beautiful - which is why I think it should really be kept separate from this site, which is a bit on the gruesome side.
Jim, Aug 14 2000

       There are some deeply strange people on this site... as for me, I think I'll make sure I'm burried with a JCB earthmover...
mboxwell, Apr 04 2001

       PeterSealy: The problem was that the annotations above which were originally posted in the "be buried with your mobile" idea really belong to this thread, and the cut-and-paste method gives due credit to the people who made the annotations.
Jim, Apr 04 2001, last modified Jul 21 2001

       This reminds me of "day of the dead" down in Mexico. The idea is you get foods and other things your dead loved one enjoyed and spend the day remembering them. It could really help the grieving process if you could fire off an email to a dead loved one and get "Sorry I'm not checking my email now because I'm dead, but see you in the afterlife! I miss you!"
futurebird, Jul 10 2001

       We need a secret invitation-only halfbakery, and to just run this one as a decoy (but the only new year resolution i've kept is to not post any halfbakery-category ideas). Wait, maybe that's where futurebird's gone, and AfroAssault, and egnor, and where waugs sloped off to for a while! Don't leave me all.
pottedstu, Jan 11 2002


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