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Canned Fire

Handheld disposable flamethrower
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This idea would require an aerosol can of something flammable and a barbecue lighter. The lighter would be under the top of the button to spray it, so it would go off when you sprayed the stuff out. The wires for it would lead in front of the aperture, so when it goes off, it ignites whatever's spraying out at the moment. The result is a jet of flame, capable of temporarily blinding attackers and allowing a quick escape. I know that pepper spray already serves this purpose, but using a flamethrower has more of a "holy shit" impact on the mugger, possibly deterring them from future attacks.
Hogulus, Oct 22 2003

Zpitto™ Lighter http://www.halfbake...tto_99_20_20Lighter
Courtesy of [ghillie] [Shz, Oct 04 2004]

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       If you're marketing to women, you'll need to make the canister pink.
k_sra, Oct 22 2003

       Beyond a nearly infinite number of safety concerns (safety maechanism, child-proof, exploding without warning in a hot car....   

       The legal ramifications of this are the real hurdle. Incendiary devices are completely illegal in the US, and certainly most other places. Even cobbling toghter a WD-40 'prototype', while funs and often done, could land someone in some hot legal water even just playing around. Even planning to make an incendiary device is a crime, called conspiracy to commit arson.   

       Flame Throwers are an illegal and highly controlled "Destrcutive Device (ATF)", and their possesion by unlicensed person (meaning everyone) is a crime, and rightly so!
xylene, Oct 22 2003

       Who said this was going to be sold in the US? Crime here isn't too bad compared to some countries. In those places, it's perfectly legal to have car-mounted flamethrowers as an anti-theft device.
Hogulus, Oct 22 2003

       I did notice Rods that you were missing 6/7 digits.
po, Oct 22 2003

       Hair spray has an advantage over this, in that it can be used for styling hair as well.
waugsqueke, Oct 22 2003

       Makes his piano numbers even more impressive...
RayfordSteele, Oct 22 2003

       In a school camp, everyone got bitten to bits as no-one had any insect spray left after the first night's flamethrower fest. They're brilliant for starting campfires.   

       All hail the ozone layer (or lack thereof) for giving us propane/butane in everyday products.
benjamin, Oct 23 2003

       I'm concerned that you need an actual flame (more than a small spark) before the aerosol fuel begins to flow. I think if you start the spark and spray can at the same time, the spray may blow out the fire. You need a split second delay on the aerosol; and of course, careful positioning.
swamilad, Oct 24 2003

       Yes, there are flame throwers legaly owned in the US, as I indicated it requires a Destructive Device License, obtainable from the ATF (Cost aprx. $3000, excluding lawyers).   

       But, I think I have an improvement on the design too! Why bother with a spark or pilot light. The are just additional parts to fail, and with a weapon failure is not an option.   

       I propose use some kind of peroxidized rocket fuel, or other self igniting fuel. Just press the button, no chance of failure.
xylene, Oct 24 2003

       "Ok ... so we'll take this 'BOMB' idea of yours and ..."
Letsbuildafort, Oct 24 2003

       Ah yes, the "Put some bloody petrol on it!" School of firelighting.
Loris, Oct 27 2003

       Dad told me once about making a device with a coffee can, spark plug, flour and a LONG ignition wire. Shake and Half-Bake.
stringstretcher, Oct 27 2003


       Great idea!
NeoPiter, Jul 22 2004

       "a jet of flame, capable of temporarily blinding attackers" ... I've never stuck my face in a jet of flame before, but I wouldn't really expect the result to be temporary blindness. More like permanent disfiguration.   

       Why not just carry a gun? They make a pretty good "holy shit" impact on people. The idea with pepper spray is that it hurts like all hell but it won't do much of any permanent damage. That way, when some paranoid girl wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and misinterprets someone else's intentions, they don't kill them. I don’t see this idea as helping out much in that department.   

       And finally (and the real reason why I have to bone you), there is the small problem of people generally not wanting to hold bombs in their hands. I found this description of how to make an aerosol bomb on a google search. It sounds like he speaks from experience…   

       “This one is fairly easy and fairly reliabe. It's also really easy to improvise on SHORT notice. All you need is an aerosol can with a flammable substance in it, like deoderant, and some strong tape (masking, duct). Just put some tape over the thing so the button is held down and it's caught spraying, but not hitting the tape. Basically, just get the thing to spray continuously. Now light the jet of aerosol. It will make the classic flamethrower, but as pressure from the can decreases, the flame will draw ever closer to the hole in the button. Once it gets an inch or so in the hole, the whole thing blows. This can take seconds to minutes, depending on how full and how big the can is”
luecke, Jul 22 2004

       If you are marketing to men you could make it whatever colour you like - except pink (well for most men )
tasman, Jul 22 2004

       i think i'll use a gun
whitecowboy, Mar 10 2007

       //but as pressure from the can decreases, the flame will draw ever closer to the hole in the button. Once it gets an inch or so in the hole, the whole thing blows.// I do not believe that for a millisecond.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2007

       From experience, no it won't with any reliability. However some aerosols use plastic components at the valve, which can melt and fail if the flame gets close. But it still doesn't explode, just ruptures the valve and sprays out the contents at a much increased rate. People always forget there is no oxygen in the fuel stream, it has no possible reason or ability to go back beyond the valve. Otherwise your humble gas stove would have blown up your tank by now.   

       As for this idea, it's unnecessarily dangerous to the victim as well as the user, can cause permanent damage (whereby the mace won't), and is unreliable: try using it in the rain, or at a petrol station...   

       Someone mentioned peroxidised rocket fuel, and herin lies an answer: Slightly pressurised Hydrogen peroxide solution could be used (add yor favourite colour/capscillin flavour). Store at the correct concentration so as when it passes through a platinum mesh at the nozzle, it produces hot gassy water under high pressure. this may possibly prove to be safer than highly pressurised mace, but I doubt it.
Custardguts, Mar 12 2007

       //unnecessarily dangerous//...//can cause permanent damage//...//unreliable//   

       Good points. [+], then.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007


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