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Channel 9 Cannon

A remotely operated turret.
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Every time I see a high speed chase on TV, the perpetrator is always pefectly centered in the view of the news helicopter's camera, while the police on the ground chase uneffectively for miles and miles (most of the time).

Each news copter should be equipped with a remotely operated camera/turret combo that is operated by officers at the local police station.

When a chase is on, and the news helicopter chases the car, the police can fire a round that attaches to the car and discharges electricity to shut down the vehicle, or conventional rounds to blow it up in extreme circumstances.

I figure a lot of criminals try to outrun the cops, knowing the cops on the ground can hurt them, but the eye in the sky can only see them.

If you knew a modern military grade weapon was trained on you as soon as you hear the "whoop whoop whoop" you may be deterred from running in the first place.

Of course, the home audience will get to see this happen live as an added bonus.

Giblet, Jul 23 2008

Prototype Car Taser http://www.trendhun...om/trends/car-taser
[MisterQED, Jul 23 2008]


       I don't think a car-TASER will work and I think a lot of people are trying. Also though it doesn't look like it on TV because of the great steady cams and zoom, those choppers aren't that close, I think it is still going to be a lucky shot to get anything to go from a speeding chopper and a speeding car, kind of like shooting an arrow in a 80mph cross wind.
MisterQED, Jul 23 2008

       They have made a car taser that works and was tested. Was fired from another car along the road and was tethered to the police car to transfer the power.
Giblet, Jul 23 2008

       Why not just arm a police helicopter?
Noexit, Jul 23 2008

       Scrap yard electro-magnet...
4whom, Jul 23 2008

       //They have made a car taser that works and was tested//
There was video of something like this in the 90s.
It was a wheeled device stowed under the front of the cop car about the size of a couple of laptops. It had two springy electrodes on top, and I think was rocket-powered.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 23 2008

       OK, my bad for not doing the research before doubting the car taser, though for the life of me I don't know how it would work. The link I found is a microwave pulse, which I guess could work, or it could bounce back and crash the helicopter. But I will stand by how hard the shot would be.
MisterQED, Jul 23 2008

       Then forget the taser, regular ordanance only.
Giblet, Jul 24 2008

       //police on the ground chase uneffectively for miles//
When it serves to exhaust the criminals, and enable a peaceful arrest (which happens in the majority of such "chases"), it's not ineffective.

       The helicopter could have a large steel spike, to drop it like a bombardier might -- right through the engine compartment into the asphalt would stop a car quickly. Not that I'd condone that. I don't think watching a couple of crooks fly through the windshield would be justice, or even pretty cool. Not one bit.
Amos Kito, Jul 24 2008

       I'd rather see the crooks fly out the window then be chased through a populated area, but that's just me.   

       When you put enough innocent people in danger, the cops shoot at you anyways.
Giblet, Jul 24 2008


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