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Car-keyed deadbolts

Home deadbolts and locks designed to accept typical car keys.
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The simplicity of having "just the one key" is alluring, and sometimes possible. But if you own a car and live in anything other than a box, chances are you'll have trouble paring things down past two keys.

Virtucom is proud to introduce our all-new line of home locks. These have specially machined locking cylinders that match those installed in the major brands of cars.

Now you can have any registered locksmith re-key your home to match the key for your car, and get down to that single key. Some of you may be skeptical. Why use keys at all with all the electronic whiz-bang stuff around these days? Well, mainly because some people still prefer a key over an electronic whiz-bang.

Benefits of this are readily apparent: Existing house lock and key systems tend to all be of the pin-tumbler type, with just five pins, and only two major variations in form. Car keys on the other hand are slightly different, having more potential combinations, and more variations in form. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this adds up to more complications for criminals trying to use a generic key to get in. Additionally, car locks have those metal covers on them, which can make picking them a little harder, and keep out bad weather. This idea also makes changing the locks on your car a much easier process, as more individuals will have the necessary tools to perform this alteration.

You of course might want to take certain precautions to assure that your valet doesn't clean out your house, and to keep your latch-key kids from going on joy rides...

ye_river_xiv, Mar 01 2009

House-keyed cars Vehicular-Residential_20Key
A slightly more tongue-in-cheek solution going from the other end around. [ye_river_xiv, Mar 02 2009]


       Who needs a key when you have a wireless receiver? All we need now is orange porch lights that flash and beep when you click the key fob.
Jinbish, Mar 01 2009

       one less key to stab me in the leg
saprolite, Mar 01 2009

       A number of non-key options are already available, and widely baked, which could effectively reduce the number of keys used to one or less. However, there are still those who prefer a key-solution to locking mechanisms. I'm among them, and would also enjoy seeing an increase in the variety of door-locking mechanisms available.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 02 2009


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