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Central Locking House

Based on the car locking system
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One Key locks all. Similar to a cars central locking system. When leaving the house, all locks and window systems lock with one key. Alleviating elaborate multi checking routines. Lock and away, with the turn of a key. It must be already done but couldn't find a link.
arora, Nov 18 2001

Channel 4: Better by Design
Baked [hippo, Nov 18 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Mila Centralock http://www.centralock.com
Central locking For Your Home [chris77, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Good idea, It'd save me ages looking for window keys and the like
dare99, Nov 18 2001

       Unfortunately I don't have window keys but I forever leave my back door open (not even closed) slightly worring... and come home to find many tom cats in my kitchen eating "Franks" (femanine for frankie) food which she leaves when older than 5 mins. Maybe I should adapt my idea for "cats out of the house before locking". I would hate to trap them in! Maybe a hissing noise should be sounded before the locking device activates.
arora, Nov 18 2001

       Or just have it release a anasthetic gas into the house. Should keep the cats quiet.
dare99, Nov 18 2001

       'an" anaesthetic gas wouldn't work too well as it has to be administered in close proximity. I think a shuuuuuuu, shuuuuu noise would work better. I wouldn't want to come home and find several tom cats strewned around the house in recovery position. Better to flush them out me thinks.
arora, Nov 18 2001

       Baked - see link. This was the subject of a popular TV programme on design in the UK (The designers - Seymour & Powell - were also popular for the bra which was referred to over in "Anti-Gravity Bra").
hippo, Nov 18 2001

       Thanks hippo, just a bit too late on this one, I could have made a fortune. Maybe I should come up with an "all cats present and correct sir, meter" to head count pets before leaving the house and throw out the strays.
arora, Nov 18 2001

       It shouldn't be too hard to do with solenoids...   

       I'd like the meter m'self...
StarChaser, Nov 18 2001

       [UB] I am concerned for the cat on the window ledge happily sunning itself - half in half out, when the giant guillotine swishes down.....
po, Nov 18 2001

       I am looking forward to the conversation between the Film Noir Central Locking house and that cat.
hello_c, Nov 19 2001

       I had my floorboards up at the weekend while I was laying cables. Surprisingly, when I replaced them, I still had the same number of cats as before.
angel, Nov 19 2001

       Watch out. We lost about 2000 ft of cat 5 that way.
jutta, Nov 23 2001

       [jutta]: Ho-bloody-ho!
angel, Nov 23 2001

       Does anybody other than me picture a house flashing its twin porch-lights orange to show it is locked and alarmed, while making a <bwoop><bwoop> noise?
st3f, Jan 20 2003

       There is some serious research going on in this area. See www.electric-latch.com
rabbit2, Apr 06 2003

       We have developed a wirefree central locking system for the home called Centralock. Visit www.centralock.com for more information.
chris77, Sep 15 2003

       Cotton Tarnit!   

       I thought up this very idea, which i thought was great, so i posted it. Then i noticed yours. Damn.   

       'S a good idea, anyway
Mrlemonjelly, Nov 22 2005


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