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full size animals made from scrap carpet that would otherwise hit the dump site

you could wash them and take care of them and love them formed into the shape of a german sheppard a CarPet could be quite lovable and cuddly

vfrackis, Aug 28 2009

Panasonic is on it. http://www.pinktent...-pet-in-hot-carpet/
Well ok it's not exactly what you mean... [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 30 2009]


       they'd probably smell right too.
po, Aug 28 2009

       Good one, [po].
normzone, Aug 28 2009

       Lining bus shelters with CarPets? To head towards more comfort outside.
wjt, Aug 28 2009

       why carpet?   

       because its a "pet" made from "CARPET"
vfrackis, Aug 29 2009

       [+] opportunity for a cat to, at some time, mistake a real doberman for a scratching post.   

       [filling in for 8/7]
FlyingToaster, Aug 30 2009


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