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Car Alarm Watch

The loud alarms just don't get enough of a response.
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Car alarms are ignored left and right in the city. Most car alarms sound the same, and most are set off by people failing to get into their own car. Traditional car alarms cry wolf at every opportunity, which only further annoys the public who are trying desperately to ignore them.

Instead of the car coming standard with an alarm system that will annoy the neighbors, it comes with a classy wrist watch. Instead of the car going apeshit when someone breaks in through a window or pops the door, your watch will have a quiet, but distinct, alarm that will inform you your property is being subverted.

The watch itself will have a working radius of under a mile to conserve battery life, and except in the case of an emergency, it will function perfectly as a normal wrist watch. However, when you're enjoying a pleasant dinner in your 15th floor apartment, or deep in the belly of a mall, you'll know to head for the street and call the cops when your watch conviently tells you your car is being violated. And no one will have to be annoyed by those obnoxious alarms again.

Watches come in green and purple, with a slightly more expensive red model in the works.

Cheekio, May 07 2006

Baked http://www.wristdre...rchives/000639.html
Car alarm Watch [jhomrighaus, May 07 2006]


methinksnot, May 07 2006

       BAKED(see Link)   

       they have Watch and pager alarm systems already, Also the point of the audible alarm is to attract attention to the vehicle to deter thieves. Having spent many years in college as an alarm installer I will say that there are 2 primary reasons that alarms go off too frequently, A) shody installation(too senesitve, setup incorrectly etc. and B) damaged or broken alarm or sensor.   

       There is of course the occasional break in but many breakins occur when the alarm is not set or not present.
jhomrighaus, May 07 2006

       Yes, this is a great idea. Another advantage of this would be that the owner of the car would know if their alarm system was prone to false alarms for whatever reason-if they ran out to their car only to find that it was a false alarm then they would want to fix the alarm so it would work properly.
Dickcheney6, May 11 2011

       KITT- "Michael, some idiot is trying to break into me."
CyberCod, May 11 2011


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