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Car Crash Prevention Ramps

The latest impractical accessory for your car.
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These would be kind of like the things on the front of trains. They would be fairly large (maybe car- sized) ramps that extended from the front, back, and possibly the sides of your vehicle. In the event of an incoming car with high velocity, they would simply drive right over you, and vice-versa if you were the one who lost control. You could also have free-spinning wheels on top of your car to make it easier to slide under the guy ahead of you, should he happen to be higher up than you are. Of course, these cars would be built with a strong internal structure that could take the weight applied to them. The danger would be if you came upon a car with their ramps at the same height as yours (crunch).

Alternatively, you could use those VTOL thrusters and a radar system instead of ramps. If a massive object was about to collide with you, the onboard computer would detect it and FOOM! You would quickly shoot up into the air, just barely avoiding it and make a harmless splashdown in a nearby lake, if available.

Quantum_P, Jan 28 2004

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       The front one drives you over the next car. The back one should leave you under the former car.   

       The are however several problems with this system. When there's a sudden stop in back of a bridge and you're the 5'th car you'll go high enough to hit the bridge. (If all stop at the same time.   

       If you're going too fast you be airborne above the car in front of you and land on the roof of the unsuspecting car ahead, standing patiently in the traffic jam that you didn't see.   

       The young generation will be shooting each other into the air purposefully.   

       If everybody stops together and their's a "chain crash" there will be a domino pile of three cars one on the other. The fourth car will topple all four of them over onto the next car.
pashute, Aug 10 2017


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