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Car Leg Up

leg for a car
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Cars can overturn, especially in icy conditions, and be hard to roll back into an upright position, but not if they're equipped with one of my new Car Leg Up devices. Car Leg Up is a type of leg attached to the side of the car that can upright it again if it lands on its roof.

In the event of your car overturning, you simply press the Leg Up switch. This releases compressed air into the piston that causes the mechanical leg attached to the side of the car to fold outwards, levering against the ground and gently flipping the car into an upright position.

The leg itself comes in a variety of outward style casings that cover and weather protect the piston, bearings, and wiring. You can choose as your casing anything ranging from The Grasshopper, The Robo-Leg to The Ballet Dancer.

safety warning - In its "explosive escape mode" Car Leg Up can cause a car to make several somersaults.

xenzag, Feb 17 2021

SRIMECH https://en.wikipedi...-righting_mechanism
[bs0u0155, Feb 18 2021]


       This gives me déja vu. Which is odd, because I thought it was going to give me whiplash.
pertinax, Feb 17 2021

       One "femme fatale", please
Voice, Feb 17 2021

       After I overturned and fell into a ditch (saved by a thick bush whose leaves stopped the van's raised cabin and held me in place) I had the tow driver turn the car back. As he did so the car became drenched in gasoline.   

       I would not propose you being in the car when you turn it back up, or any time until it has been overturned back to its upright position.   

       May this post also be a tribute of thanks to airforce pilot teacher *********** who showed me how to fly the Piper training plane overtuned without losing gasoline. (It was against the rules, but I was thrown out of pilot training for other reasons, first and foremost due to my excedingly slow reaction time for decisions needing an immediate response.)   

pashute, Feb 18 2021

       So, this is a car version of the Robot Wars SRIMECH? <link>
bs0u0155, Feb 18 2021


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