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Car Front Brake Light

Car front brake light alerts on-coming traffic
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This yellow, front mounted car brake light would alert on-coming traffic when you put on the brakes. This would help coordinate traffic and alert on-coming drivers to things they might not see yet.
ChuckyG1, Jun 26 2000

Front-mounted vehicle brake light http://164.195.100....&Query=PN%2F5373426
I don't see any mentioning of a Jim Vasko at the US Patent Office site (do you have a number?), but I'm sure there are plenty of patents involving front brake lights; this one, for example, seems rather comprehensive. [jutta, Jun 26 2000]

SAR homepage http://hometown.aol...mepage/profile.html
what I do when I "play on the freeway" [highwayman, Aug 27 2005]

patent US 5,537,091 http://v3.espacenet...C&IDX=US5537091&F=0
Method of providing a pedestrian signal system for vehicles. inventor is James Vasko [xaviergisz, Jul 16 2007]


       It would also come in handy for people following you when you are reversing very quickly.
Lemon, Jun 28 2000

       This has already been done. It didn't go over well. Kits were (maybe still are) available to convert front turn signals to brake light same as rear.
kehoffman, Jul 26 2000

       Good idea, I wouldn't make them yellow.. why not red? Just like the ones on the back. It also tells you if the upcoming driver(s) are slowing down or not ;)
enveekaa, Jul 27 2000

       Because red lights facing forward are reserved for emergency vehicles (police, fire, ambulance, etc).
egnor, Jul 27 2000

       I know the guy who has the patent on Front Brake Lights his name is Jim Vasko of Reno, Nevada..............Who put this page on the web??????????
Donna Vasko, Oct 11 2000

       1. If I'm driving towards them, the distance between us is going to be rapidly closing, regardless of whether or not they're braking. It's irrelevant.   

       2. This would be confusing at night. I like being able to easily differentiate between traffic going towards me and in the same direction as me.   

       3. I'm not likely to pay attention to it at night as the glare from headlights would be too intense.   

       4. Flashing one's high beams serves as an excellent warning to oncoming drivers of obstacles/speed traps ahead. No need to complicate things.   

       5. You're a big poohhead.
rapid transit, May 18 2003

       I am trying to locate Jim Vasko to find out his patent # on this idea... Donna, could you help me? Please post. Thanks, UTSA
utsa, Apr 26 2004

       Wily Coyote-type signs you hold out the window on a stick (e.g. " Traffic's A-Comin' ")
phundug, Apr 26 2004

       (Wile E. Coyote)
half, Apr 26 2004

       Not necessarily for oncoming traffic.   

       Imagine this, you're getting ready to turn right, waiting for an opening in the crosstraffic. You spot a car with space behind it and get ready to turn in after it passes. Meanwhile the cross-traffic's light is turning yellow, then red and the car you've spotted decides to stop at the intersection instead of go through it. If there is very little crosstraffic to act as a reference and if you are watching the crosstraffic, not the crosstraffic's signal, it would be hard to tell whether the car is going to stop at the intersection. UNLESS it had forward-facing brake lights. This idea gets my thumbs up.
crispix, Apr 30 2004

       I'm guessing this would be mostly for intersections, so that other people know you're waiting for them to go? Or during lane changes, so other people know that you're slowing down to let them in? Well, it would be nice to think that people still slow down to let others in sometimes...   

       Lets see: Yellow would match the turn signal lights, possibly causing confusion, much like older cars with turn signals that double as break lights can be confusing.   

       Red would match the rear brake lights, thus signifying that you are stopped. However, red on the road generally means "STOP," which is why red stop signs, red traffic lights, and emergency vehicles with red lights are all things you stop for. If you're stopped at an intersection, you probably want someone else to go.   

       A green front brake light would tell others that it is OK to go. Generally, this would work out pretty well in an intersection, and if you're trying to avoid another oncoming car, they would generally be trying to stop anyway. I suspect some drunks might think it was OK to drive straight at these green lights, but this may not be as big an issue as I think.   

       Perhaps, we should stick with the yellow light, since in traffic parlance, a yellow light generally indicates something to the effect of "proceed with caution." but to differentiate it from the turn signals it could be mounted in an odd place, such as in the middle of the grille. Few cars have three headlights, but many are now getting three brake lights, and in general, I doubt that people next to you need to know if you're breaking or not.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 24 2006

       [xaviergisz], but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly who's a big poohhead.
normzone, Jul 16 2007

       What if you rarely have to use your brakes? I drive standard's amd 90% of the time I drive I engine brake. Shift into 2nd or 3rd and just coast with my foot off the gas. I would however like to have a light to indicate I'm doing this. On the front and back. Maybe attach a relay to the output of the throttle body vacume sensor.........Runs into garage and spreads tools
evilpenguin, Jul 17 2007

       I think some kind of more complicated display would be more useful, either the speed so you can judge whether you can get across in front of an oncoming car (green when accelerating, red when braking), or something like the display on the front of KIT.   

       Actually, the speed would also be handy on the rear of the car.
marklar, Jul 17 2007

       Came here to half bake this.   

       It would be nice to have, as if you were sitting in at a 4-way stop sign intersection, to know if the oncoming car was actually stopping (you'd see the front brake lights go on), or if the driver was planning on being selfish and blowing through the stop sign.   

       Happens *all the time* around here. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish someone who is slowly approaching the stop sign to stop from someone who is slowly approaching it to go right through.
ericscottf, Sep 20 2009


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