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Delta-V Lights

Smarter brake lights
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Instead of lights that only activate when braking, a delta-v (difference in velocity) light activates in varying colors and intensities, indicating the level of vehicle acceleration or deceleration, deactivating all but a marker light when maintaining velocity, and flashing in the event of lost traction or emergency braking.

For example, a 3 red LED marker light with three circles of LEDs around it, with the LEDs above it amber, and the LEDs below red. Slow acceleration/deceleration would activate the first half-circle of the appropriate colored LEDs, and color-blind individuals could identify them by their position (bottom=red=slowing).

meshaneian, Apr 20 2009

Proportional Signal Lights Proportional_20Signal_20Lights#988923082
[xaviergisz, Apr 20 2009]

BrakeLight BrakeLight#952016400
[xaviergisz, Apr 20 2009]


       I completely agree. It's something I've been thinking for a long time - "brake lights" should come on whenever a car is slowing down, not just when the driver is braking. Because some people have terrible depth perception :)   

       Part of this is baked though, the Mercedes Pre-Safe system flashes the lights during emergency braking.
DIYMatt, Apr 20 2009

       Just you ignore [21_Quest], [meshaneian], it can be a bit grouchy at times.   

       Welcome to the HB.
coprocephalous, Apr 20 2009

       The "Emergency Braking Alert" warning system was demonstrated in '82 on Tomorrow's World - the system they demo'd was developed by Lucas. and the demo vehicle was a Jaguar V12. Seemed a really excellent idea, buy like all good ideas it never was developed further. I put a similar (though DIY - version) in the Dutton kit car I helped build in 1984 - in case of a frontal impact, the rear fog lights would flash in an alternate pattern - i.e. "STOP" warning to following traffic. Never got to test the system out in real life though (fortunately)   

       Nevertheless a very good idea, and so what if it's been mentioned before - ofthen the nest ideas just have to be repeated until people start to really take note!   

       Welcome on board the Good Ship H-B!
Parrotile, Dec 22 2009


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