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Enhanced Brake lights

Extra car brake lights can help us with learner drivers
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If we have a learner driver, we can easily see if the vehicle's drop in speed is because of brake pressure, or less accelerator pressure.
gz, Apr 12 2001


       If you're the appropriate distance from any vehicle, you shouldn't need any help.
iuvare, Apr 12 2001

       hmm... gz, when you say extra brake lights, exactly how do you mean? I'm thinking horizontally aligned arrays of lights, one array in place of each present light. The lights light up in sequence from inside out (or outside in?), according to the pressure applied to the brake pedal.
absterge, Apr 12 2001

       Or a directional speaker mounted on the back bumper to alert the car directly behind the learner: "Watch out, I am slowing... Watch out, I am slowing... Watch out, I am stopping... You stupid *****-****** get off my tail..."
Dog Ed, Apr 12 2001

       with regard to my earlier annotation, just last night I came across such a thing, although not quite as I was imagining. The car had a spoiler (ob. not factory) with a single row of small red lights all the way across it. When the brakes were pressed, apparently the power drain on the standard brake lights was enough to dim them just enough, while the spoiler lights lit up to approx. the same intensity, although they were much higher off the ground (thus more obvious). If something like this were implemented with the lights being lit from the outside in as more pressure were applied, that'd be exactly what I envisioned.   

       (BTW, why in the world are there *SO* *MANY* brake light ideas?! aren't any of them [mf*]?)
absterge, May 03 2001

       Probably because there ARE so many that if some were deleted, someone else would post it as a 'new' idea and we'd have to go through it again...
StarChaser, May 04 2001


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