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Car Horn Tones

Customise Your Car Horn
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The latest craze is to download ringtones for your mobile phone, indiana jones, steps, etc.
Why don't all cars have a device like this built in? that way when you`re sitting in a traffic jam, rather than hear the irritating noise of one-tone car horns all around, you could have a whole symphony of Britney Spears, Westlife and Slipknot.
Also you should be able to have a choice of tones to fit the occasion. For instance, when you see an attractive woman along the street, honk your horn, out comes "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones, the possibilites are endless.
This could also be linked to your car radio, allowing you to download the horn-tone of a song you've just heard.
Little_Crow, Apr 20 2001

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Homophobe Identification gesture http://www.halfbake...assurance_20gesture
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       You Armenian or something?
thumbwax, Apr 20 2001

       I'm not suggesting that people should be able to download soundbytes, such as "Doh" as I agree this would create havoc on the road, But the kind of thing you hear on mobile phones, (sort of midi versions of tunes). A friend has said that he would like to have "ride of the valkeries" as his horn tone, that should get peoples attention :>
Little_Crow, Apr 21 2001

       How about a snippet from Wierd Al's "Traffic Jam?"
nick_n_uit, Apr 22 2001

       How often do you sound your car horn? Is it not just a warning device? Why on earth sound it in a traffic jam?
redpony, Apr 23 2001

       I'm guessing [redpony] has never spent much time in New York City. (Not that the question is unreasonable, mind you.)
egnor, Apr 23 2001

       Redpony: If I could customize my car-horn for when jerks cut me up (Can't think of an appropriate horn-tone yet) I'd use it a lot more. but as Homer Simpson said "I want a horn here, here and here, when you're angry you can never find a horn"
Little_Crow, Apr 23 2001

       um - I think Musical car horns are illeagle in the uk.   

       Sounding your horn without good reason certainly gets you 3 points on your licence.   

       There is no situation where it would be appropiate to hold down your horn long enough for the whole tune to be heard, so simply using it will eventually end up in you losing you licence.   

       Which if your the sort of person who likes the idea of a musical car horn, is probably just as well.
CasaLoco, Apr 23 2001

       The only thing I can find about horn use is its illegal to use it from 11.30pm to 7am in a built up area, also I'm sure a friend of my parents had a musical car horn, so unless the law has changed I think its OK.

I see what you're saying about having huge lengths of tunes programmed in, but I think that having single lines of songs wouldn't be so bad.

For instance you're sitting at some traffic lights, you look in the car next to you, and Oh God you made eye contact with the guy next to you. Next thing you know you get a blast of YMCA, (see link for details, and yes I am fully aware that I didn't catch on to the facetious foolery going on)
Little_Crow, Apr 24 2001

       I only potential problem with that is someone driving down the street and I hear "Drop it like it's hot" instead of the warning sound of a car horn.
edisselhorst, Jun 30 2005

       Baked on the Dukes of Hazzard.....
Minimal, Jun 30 2005

       old random idea bump.
RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2009

       what if you could have not just songs but also random things, for instance if you see a hot chick walking down the street, you can press the horn and it wil have a wolf whistle. Or if your stuck in traffic, one that says "MOVE!!!".
Scrash!, Aug 06 2009


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