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Car Loudspeaker

Be like the police
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Just like the police have a loudpeaker that talks to other motorists, so all cars should have them. They would obviate the need for ambiguous gestures and signals and you would be able to "talk back" to the police or ask them for clarification. Instead of honking or flashing your lights at someone in front of you, you could say, "excuse me." And if you're worried about the noise, it would actually be a lot less annoying and a whole lot more entertaining than all that honking.
ProblemSolver, Aug 30 2004


       Officer: "Pull over!"   

       All drivers on any given L.A. street: "Who, me?"   

       Officer: "You, in the black BMW!"   

       All drivers on any given L.A. street: "Who, me?"   

       Officer: "No, the one with the brand new rims and tinted windows."   

       A.D.O.A.G.L.A.S: "Who, me?"   

       Officer: "No...***sigh*** Forget it."   

       I don't think this would work although it would be very amusing.
Machiavelli, Aug 30 2004

       man. this is one horrible idea.
xclamp, Aug 30 2004

       I know people who have put PA systems in there cars. I like the idea, but it is baked.
sartep, Aug 30 2004

       during the height of the craze, there were many cars equipped with p.a. systems since that functionality was built in to many c.b. radios.
xx, Aug 30 2004


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