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simulated acoustics road communication

makes talking to other drivers more like talking to people in a room
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Microphones in your car account for the direction your face is facing while talking. This info is coupled with your absolute gps coordinates and sent with every outgoing transmission. Computers in other cars use this signal to route the transmission to the proper speakers at the proper volume. A light visualizer is modulated by your voice so it is easy to see who is talking. Reverb and Doppler effects are intelligently simulated in a virtual environment, again using the directional and distance info, to add spatial realism to the signals. Similar techniques have been used in 3d videogames for 15 years to achieve spatial realism in simulated environments.

Of course wifi and onboard computers are the best way to handle the many tasks that need to be performed. Using the blinking infrared light banks instead of wifi works too, only it would screw up digital pictures pretty badly...hmmm this gives me an idea...

fishboner, Apr 25 2009

Already listed Infrared_20Voice_20Hailing_20Device
[Srimech, Apr 25 2009]


       The author has seen 3D sound used for video games (it's been around for many years); that doesn't mean that they've seen it in the context of car-to-car communication as a means of projecting the spatial environment into the car interior.   

       21 Quest, I appreciate that you're trying to help, but you often interpret my rules far more strictly than what I meant when I wrote them. Try to hold your horses, okay?
jutta, Apr 27 2009

       i've stripped the whole post down to basics. My original post was too preachy.
fishboner, Apr 27 2009

       So now its not just phoning will driving, you also have to look into the direction of the person you are adressing? - Anyone else in the car will have to adress higher powers (by angling their head into the direction their deity is located, traditionally, squinting counts as an attempt to contact inner strength)
loonquawl, Apr 27 2009

       //you also have to look into the direction of the person you are adressing? //   

       you don't have to look at them, but a slight change in the direction of your face might help them hear you...the same way you do might when talking to a passenger in a car the size of a church.
fishboner, Apr 27 2009

       Apart from my disinclination for long range communication in churches, i imagine i would turn my head fully towards anyone i was adressing (otherwise, how yould the system know whom i meant?).   

       there is of course the "talking from the corner of your mouth", but this relies almost completely on the receivers ability to filter your voice.
loonquawl, Apr 27 2009

       I drive slowly and with my windows down, playing Steely Dan or the Sundays, so I'm pretty familiar with that doppler effect when people pass me, flip me off, and yelled FuuuuU****K YOOOUUU ASSHOOoooollllle !!!   

       I would pay for that same satisfaction on hot days. +
nomocrow, Apr 27 2009

       no no, loon, I said a car the size of a church.   

       really, this idea is just simulating what it would be like if everyone was driving completely, noiseless, open-air go carts.
fishboner, Apr 27 2009

       //How many titles has this idea had ?//   

       not enough, apparently...
fishboner, Apr 27 2009

       No-one understands you whichever way you're facing, [Ian].
8th of 7, Apr 27 2016


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