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Car Trek

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Bonnet(hood)-mounted devices fire sparks upwards, when activated either manually or by reaching a set speed - replicating the stretching stars effect on Star Trek.
fridge duck, Feb 09 2007


       Potentially dangerous. What if a bystender gets a spark in his/her/its eye?
DesertFox, Feb 09 2007

       We need more dangerous things, and also more dangerous things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2007

       Maybe something could be done to the side windows too?
phundug, Feb 09 2007

       have a couple of fluffy tribbles hanging from your rear view mirror.
po, Feb 10 2007

       A Dilithium Crystal gear knob
Dub, Feb 11 2007

       Is a "bystender" an Eastender wot's ownlee been an' gawn an stood abaht doin naffink?
Murdoch, Feb 13 2007

       //hood)-mounted devices fire sparks upwards//   

       Sounds more like a De Lorean to me.   

       //by reaching a set speed // 88mph?
theleopard, Feb 13 2007

       Prepare for emergency separtion of the sidecar section Number One.   

       Ye cannae change the laws o' physics.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2007

       Pbbbb, who would ever want that lame thing. This is a total edsel of an idea! Just what everybody needs, burn marks all over their windshield.
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007

       Are you sure you're in the right place [MaxwellBuchanan]?   

       [+] for the nice image.
hidden truths, Feb 14 2007

       <Bonnet explodes and the entire car vaporises with a flash>
<all that is left is the number plate spinning in the middle of the road>

       Hot! Jesus Christ Doc, you disintegrated Einstein!
theleopard, Feb 14 2007


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