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Closing speed indicator

For safer overtaking - guaranteed
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Using similar technology to that used in parking sensors and adaptive cruise control systems, this product would detect approaching traffic, compare its speed to that of your vehicle and continuously measure the distance between the two vehicles. The device would be connected to the engine management system, which would supply a genuine rather than theoretical power figure. The system would then calculate if your car is capable of overtaking the slow moving vehicle in front, without risking a head-on collision with the car approaching, and report its decision. This report could come via a speech-synthesiser, which would make suggestions like ‘Drop down to second and nail it!’ or ‘Don’t even think about it!’ Hooked up to an auto gearbox it could select the correct gear for maximum power itself. A more complex system would have 3 sensors front and rear, to provide information on 3-lane motorways – the rear sensor telling you if you have enough time to get past the truck in the middle lane before the sales rep in the 3-series drives into your boot. Different settings, from ‘OAP’ to ‘Boy racer’ would allow increasingly exciting manoeuvres involving smaller and smaller gaps, in perfect safety.
Spooky, Oct 23 2002

Rate of Close Indicator http://www.halfbake...20close_20indicator
[marked-for-deletion] Redundant. [waugsqueke, Oct 23 2002]


       Another use for the rear pointing sensor: "You're about to be rammed! Get out of the way!"   

       I could have used this back in May when some drunk darn near rear-ended me on the highway. Fortunately it was night and I noticed his headlights in time and quickly changed lanes. I proceeded to watch _out_my_side_window_ (!) as he over-corrected and slammed directly into the concrete median barrier. Ouch!   

       The passenger in that car went away in a neck brace, the driver in handcuffs.
krelnik, Oct 23 2002


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