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you know you want it!
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Simple in car karaoke system to wile away those driving hours in true style. Pick up hitch-hikers and blow them away with your orsome rendition of "Stairway to Heaven", even have them join you in a duet of "Baby you can Drive my Car". Or just turn it up open the roof and do drive-by concerts for bored business commuters. Start your own garage band or host a car-pool-party, assisted by the Head up (projected on the windscreen) display of the words with the inevitable bouncing ball to keep you in time. Caraoki the logical convergence of Japanese automotive technology and your desire to ROCK!
taution, Jun 05 2003


       Sign me up.   

       O Sole Mio...
hyphenator, Oct 25 2003

       homer, homer simpson   

       He's the greatest guy in history   

       From the town of springfield   

       He's about to hit a chestnut treee   

dickity, Oct 25 2003

       Can we get an external loudspeaker?   

       "Appearing, one night only, the fabulous Blues Brothers, Rythm and Blues Review..."
RayfordSteele, Oct 25 2003

       "orsome" ?
half, Oct 25 2003

       You've just given me an idea...
Overpanic, Oct 25 2003

       + for anything involving Karaoke
Pericles, Oct 26 2003

       March 5th 2004, I come up with this already halfbaked idea, I was beat to the punch.
krod, Mar 05 2004

       Love it. Also, one of the great wordplays is found in your idea. We find these every day, but they're great:   

       "Garage band" - in reference, of course, to singing in your car.   

       Has to be a [+]. Rock on!
TahuNuva, Jan 22 2008


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