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on-board enlightenment

a visual display of song lyrics
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I have been composing a list of songs in my head that I would dearly love to sing along to, in the car, but for one reason or another, I just don’t know/ cannot recall/ cannot interpret 95% of the lyrics.

“Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a heart of glass
Seemed like the real thing only to fi-yi-yind
Mucho mistrust, with a big behind…”

a digital display at the foot of the windscreen showing the lyrics of the song being played on the car radio accompanied by a little red bouncing ball setting the pace.

“is this the way to armadillo?
every night I been hugging my pillow
dum dee dum dee dee dum dee dee dee dum
dum dee dee dee dee dum dee dee…”

of course, with safety issues in mind, it might be preferable to have the words of your song projected onto the white line in the road ahead. this would have the added bonus of keeping the car’s speed down to the legal limit as any faster and the words would be zooming by too quickly to comprehend.

“There's no fight, you can't fight
dee dee dee dum dum dee dee dee
You win again
So little time
dee dee dee dum dee dee dee
There's no life on earth
dee dee dee dum dee dee dee
You win again
dum dee dee dee dee dee dee
dum dee dum dee dee dee dee dee dee…”

po, Jul 29 2005

Maybe a WiFi connection to this site http://www.kissthisguy.com/
[coprocephalous, Jul 29 2005]

magic fm http://www.magic1054.co.uk/
by the way, the big prize was won - missing voice was Lisa Tarbuck [po, Jul 29 2005]

Top Ten Driving Songs http://top40.about....tp/drivingsongs.htm
Check out the related guide picks [reensure, Jul 29 2005]


       //fi-yi-ind// sp. "fi-yi-yind"
coprocephalous, Jul 29 2005

       Oh boy! Let me be the first to suggest a name for it - Car-aoke! You like it? It's yours.
Canuck, Jul 29 2005

       "You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
Stop Ahead
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
No Left Turn
You raise me up: To more than I can be."
FarmerJohn, Jul 29 2005

       hmmn, this wouldn't be that difficult, combine RDS with minilyrics, a mobile phone and a small display and you're pretty much there. If you're just listening to CDs then it's doable today.
neilp, Jul 29 2005

       well, to be awkward, I generally listen to magic fm.
po, Jul 29 2005

       oh, well, if we're allowed Magic, this should be even easier.
neilp, Jul 29 2005

       Nine o’ clock, the radio’s the only light ... +
reensure, Jul 29 2005

       The radio plays a forgotten song,   

       memories coming on strong,   

       the road has got me hypnotised.
zeno, Aug 03 2005


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