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Carchariadentic Disposable Razor Head

A razor head and an opportunity to use an underappreciated (nonexistent) adjective
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There are ten razor blades, set into a small plastic cylinder which sits and revolves inside a slightly larger cylinder, in a formation to allow that only one razor blade is exposed while the other nine are hidden under the larger cylinder. This device is placed onto the neck of the handle part and is spring loaded in such a way as to allow the shaver to press a button, when the current blade is dull, and have another (fresh and sharp) razor snap in the previous' place, much like a shark's tooth falling out and being replaced by another behind it.
jellydoughnut, Aug 19 2006

Shark's rows of revolving teeth http://www.piinc.bi...hark/sharkjawBL.JPG
[jellydoughnut, Aug 19 2006]


       The blade--rare to see just one nowadays--is not the only thing that wears out. The tensioning strip and lubricating strips that many razors have also wear, so to replace all that, the razor would resemble the cylinder of a six shooter.
ldischler, Aug 19 2006

       [ldischler]: True, but doesn't he deserve a pastry for the adjective at least?   

       Actually, what I'd like to see would be a disposable razor assembly that wasn't so prone to clogging. Something which, at the push of a button, would spread the blades and whatnot sufficiently far apart that any hair or other detritis could fall out.
supercat, Aug 19 2006

       That was done, [supercat], albeit briefly during the early days of multiple blade disposable razors. On the back side of the blade carriage was a button that, when pushed, slid forward as a prod between the two blades to eject the crud from between. It was an interesting notion, and probably was a selling point (executives of the time were more pragmatic and less transparent than are their counterparts in today's disposable society) during negotiations to produce the blades, and was no longer needed when the single use disposable razor gained acceptance.
reensure, Aug 20 2006

       [supercat] I find water works quite well for keeping the blades clean and open.
jhomrighaus, Aug 20 2006

       I don't.
I think it has to do with the oils in a persons skin. I don't have a heavy beard but I have a hard time getting the hair out from between the blades.

       I just run a hose from my electric air compressor up to the bathroom, and give the blades a good airing after each stroke... Well, really, I blow on them myself, but that's not very halfbakeried.   

       I would definitely use a razor that looked like a six-shooter. Especially if it was billed as being Charachiadentic.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 20 2006

       It is a pretty slick adjective. I wonder if [jd] was thinking of sharks, then thoughtof the adjective, then baked something up for it? It seems that there should be a word like carchariadentic. I bet the germans have one. German has great words.
bungston, Aug 22 2006

       a bun for the adjective!   

       the razor head... i like it light and manouvreable; changing blades isnt that big a chore!
arvin, Aug 25 2006


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