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Disposable razor with shaving foam container

How much foam do you really need?
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A disposable razor is used three, maybe four times, maybe five (if you have a really thin beard), six at most (if you are really cheap). Now, shaving foam consists mostly of air, which means a relatively large end amount of foam can be stored in a small container.

At the same time, disposable razor's handles are hollow plastic tubes, added for reasons of ergonomy and enhanced grip (because, I have to admit, holding the bare razor would be impractical), but are otherwise just taking up space.

My idea would be to have small shaving foam dispenser built into the razor handle. ([link]; done in Paint in two minutes). The handle could hold enough foam for three to four shaves, after which you would throw the razor away either way.

This would be a practical solution for travellers, who wouldn't have to carry a bulky can of shaving foam, while having to carry a lot of hollow tubes, pretending to be razor handles, but actually only adding to the bulk of things you have to drag along.

This is my first semi-baked idea (the level of baked-ness to be determined by your votes), so I don't know how to format the text or add line or paragraph breaks. Also, my spelling, grammar and overall style may or may not be disastrous (I don't know), so please warn me of any typos or other errors you notice in the text. Thank you.

Veho, Oct 06 2006

Traveller's disposable razor http://i12.tinypic.com/2enqiz5.jpg
The general idea. [Veho, Oct 06 2006]

US Patent 4,809,432 http://patft.uspto....09432&RS=PN/4809432
Mhhh, emollient. [jutta, Oct 06 2006]


       press enter twice for a paragraph break.   

       couldn't the design allow the foam to come out the right end rather than drip down your arm? neat drawing though.
po, Oct 06 2006

       [-po] I tried to imagine the hand motion of squirting shaving foam onto my hand. It ends in wiping the nozzle of the foam can with the edge of my palm. Force of habit. If the nozzle were at the front end (near the razor blades), I would absent-mindedly slice my palm while prepairing to shave.
Veho, Oct 06 2006

       lets compromise and let it ooze from the middle - you're obviously not as messy as me but probably need to shave more often :)
po, Oct 06 2006

       If the foam squirted out on a 'just-in-time' basis, you might not need to put it on your hands at all - just let it squirt immediately in front of the oncoming blades, before almost instantly being scraped off again.   

       Oh, and welcome to the 'bakery [Veho].
zen_tom, Oct 06 2006

       I think the shaving cream works better after you let it soak a bit. I shave what is left of the hair on my head ( don't get me started- you know how I am about my hair) and it definately goes better if I let it "soften", my hair not my head. So having it work 'just in time' might not work just as well.   

       I also use a non-foam shaving cream that works very well and you use very little of it- my bottle last months. This way you wouldn't have to worry about pressurization in the handle. Great idea for travelers +
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 06 2006

       With chemicals that dissolve hair on contact, I'm not sure why we bother with razors and shaving cream.   

       This is a decent idea, but I don't like disposable razors. Perhaps you could just make a shaving cream can shaped like a handle, which could attach to razor blades. This way, each end can be used until it is worthless. There will be less waste, and shaving companies would have an easier time in getting people to try their newest Mach 30 razor blades.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 06 2006

       [ye river xiv] do *you* use chemicals that dissolve hair on contact? 'Cuase I'm not sure I want that stuff on my face day in and day out. Besides, they stink. And they smell. And they have a certain odor to them.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 06 2006

       [river] Have you used depilatories? They are smelly, messy and can be very painful on mucous membranes. Plus running a sharp blade over your skin proves that you are a real man, or a real woman, or a real small shaven creature from Alpha Centauri.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 06 2006

       I would bun this if it would spray and spread the foam in front of the razor's path. A really halfbaked idea truly worthy of this site would filter the foam and reuse it - kind of like those raod machines that swallow road on one end and relay them at the other.
energy guy, Oct 06 2006


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