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Carpet Embosser

So your carpet always looks freshly vacuumed
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Fool people into thinking that your carpet has just been vacuumed by treating your carpet with the Carpet Embosser. It leaves marks mimicking those produced by a vacuum cleaner except they are permanent.
lingamish, Sep 18 2006


       //except they are permanent//...like the cat hair then?
xandram, Sep 18 2006

       Working vacuum cleaners do more than leave parallel tracks.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 18 2006

       This isn't meant to replace vacuuming altogether, just provide a visual boost between cleanings.
lingamish, Sep 18 2006

       Am I correct in reading that this is a device that you run over your carpet to simulate vacuuming your carpet? If so, why not just run the vacuum over your carpet.
jhomrighaus, Sep 19 2006

       You only need to do it once. Then it always looks like it's been vacuumed even after it's been tread upon, etc.
lingamish, Sep 19 2006

       usually its not the stripes on the carpet that make it look better its the lack of dust bunnys, dog and cat fur, bits of food, paper and other debris that makes the carpet look better.
jhomrighaus, Sep 19 2006

       Well, rumor has it they can now clone animal hides. Anyone fancy a live mink carpet?   

       Getting the discarded food converted into nutrients might require some serious WIBNI GM work... so I guess I won't suggest this as an actual idea.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 20 2006


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