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Wasn't quite sure what to call this one..
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At home, I am graced with the presence of a full-grown, lovable blue merle collie. However, his fur presents a huge problem whenever it comes to cleaning, as it seems to have the uncanny ability to get into the carpet. When any attempt to vacuum the carpet is made, the end result is nearly always that fur ends up clogging up the vacuum, and I get to try and pull the stuff out until the appliance is operational again.

I'd like to have a roller, about halfway between the size of a paint roller and one of those old fashioned lawn-mowers, covered in velcro face-out. That way, when vacuuming time comes round, the carpet could be given a sweep using the fur-roller (it's fairly easy to get clumps of fur free from velcro - at least the size of the fur-clumps I have to deal with) and the vacuum would be good to go. Increased usability if there could be some way to statically charge the roller; the actual rolling motion should suffice for generation, with thin strips of easily charged material between the velcro.

Pseudonym #3, Jun 11 2003

Lint Roller & Lint Brush http://www.sewtrue....l#Anchor-VELVE-9182
Both pictured, with other items. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Lint Roller http://www.storesdo...ic_lint_remover.htm
Haven't tried this type, but it's washable, so it may well be practical for carpets. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

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Blast from the past [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

The Fur-Roller http://www.boomspee...carac2/rollerpo.JPG
Modeled by our own po (assuming she doesn't mind, of course) [Pseudonym #3, Oct 04 2004]

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[po, Oct 04 2004]


       damned nuisance. I can pick up enough hair to knit a new cat <g>
po, Jun 11 2003

       I'm surprised the brush or nozzle attachment for your vacuum doesn't do the trick.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2003

       Nozzles just dun' cut it - they can't get all the hairs that are implanted between carpet threads (trust me, I know). I went through many an upright before switching to a canister, which still doesn't really do the trick.   

       Lint rollers are nice for clothes, but I don't think they'd be able to get down into the carpet threads.
Pseudonym #3, Jun 11 2003

       try [blissmiss]'s triple sided duck, whoops, duct tape.
po, Jun 11 2003

       Alas, I could not help but sketch this (see link).   

       Hope you don't mind the cameo, po?
Pseudonym #3, Jun 12 2003

       did you draw that pseud? wow, thats a very flattering interpretation <g>   

       please add it to DrCurry's hb calendar - I will put up a link for you, you probably missed it while you were away.
po, Jun 12 2003


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