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Cars with Periscopes

Similar to submarines
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So that people can see over cars in front of them. Periscopes will retractable through the sun-roof.
VJW, Feb 21 2011

[Wrongfellow], why would you want to do something simpler? Next you'll be wanting cheaper and more reliable! Add-on_20pseudo_20SUV_20kit
[normzone, Feb 21 2011]


       FLIX: Forward Looking Ionizing X-ray. X-ray through the giant SUV (and its occupants)!
DIYMatt, Feb 21 2011

       21, explain.
VJW, Feb 21 2011

       Yeah, I don't see how any of the standard m-f-d reasons apply here.   

       Actually I nearly posted this the other day, as a simpler version of the "Add-on pseudo SUV kit", so [+] from me.
Wrongfellow, Feb 21 2011

       Ah, OK, I'll agree with "redundant"...
Wrongfellow, Feb 21 2011

       But why is Will retractable? Oh, I see. He's a grower, not a shower...
RayfordSteele, Feb 21 2011

       ...old as the hills...
xandram, Feb 22 2011

       So, how about just a small alteration to the post? The periscope goes down instead of up, for people who suffer from vertigo but who ended up buying an SUV by mistake?
not_morrison_rm, Feb 22 2011

       Thought this was "Cats with periscopes". Would provide an alternative to the tail from which to sling kitty.
daseva, Feb 22 2011


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